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  • palomapavel
    Feb 16, 2005
      CREATE 10 MINUTE HIGHLIGHTS FILM: I have 3-5 hours of footage shot in
      DVCAM and Mini DV for a social justice group in Detroit Michigan. They
      would like to have a 10 minute highlights piece of the large ROLLING
      THUNDER public meeting where the governor and mayor spoke and where
      they gathered 5000 people from Detroit in October 2004 just before the
      elections to demand a new agenda for the communities of Michigan:
      sustainable practices, affordable housing, public transportation, etc. Broll of
      Detroit all available.

      From that same footage, we would like to pull tight and powerful moments of
      the interviews and have something that they can show at their national
      leadership trainings which are held 5 times a year in different parts of the
      country. This video should represent the diversity, philosophy and unique
      mission of this social justice group which is one of the most powerful faith
      based progessive networks in the United States.

      Solid, responsible, creative editor with technical ability and collaborative
      people skills. Must work to please client organization and within budget.

      women and people of color encouraged to apply