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89227Re: [Prius-2G] 2nd Inverter Pump Replacement at 146K miles

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  • Mark Bayern
    Apr 16
      Yep, on my 2007.

      The fine, working well, never a problem inverter pump was first replaced for free due to the Toyota 'not-a-recall' thing. (Maybe it was called a 'limited service campaign?)

      Unfortunately the replacement died 13 months later! Since it was over 12 months old the service department wouldn't do anything. I managed to talk the parts guy into selling me one at their lower (sell to other shops) price and did the swap myself.


      On Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 10:35 PM, kinner@... [Prius-2G] <Prius-2G@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I had the inverter pump replaced in 2011 when it failed and it eventually was paid for by Toyota.  Last week, I had the same problem again!  First pump when 75K miles while this one went only 70K.  I do live in Arizona but the weather in late March was only in the low 80s so I doubt the heat had anything to do with it.
      Have any other owners had to replace the pump twice?  I have a 2008 with 148K miles and other than that, its been working fine.  These are the only 2 times when the “red triangle of death” lit.
      Russ K

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