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    I am beginning to not only think, but know that men..especially teens are an obsession because of what I see when I posted the NEW teens in underwear
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2010
      I am beginning to not only think, but know that men..especially teens are an obsession because of what I see when I posted the NEW "teens in underwear" group...
      Gawd!...I myself am always looking for "gay signs"...
      ..when I am at the post office..bank..and grocery store...and the two signs that you see ALL the time are the rings on the fingers..especially on the thumb and the index fingers..and the dangling belt which denotes how long a guys wood is...Did you know that Boot(and you too Brian)?
      Geeszh!...I mentioned the other day how I got was followed OUT to the car at the post office by a guy with both the thumb ring and dangling belt(not too long a belt), but when I held the belt in my hand..he actually said.."Would you like to hold the REAL thing?"..which gave me shivers...hehehe!
      Crimony!..Then at the bank..the floating teller..about 19 yrs old..had the thumb ring which gave me an OPENING for conversation to say I liked his ring...and he looked startled that I would say that..and he asked if I knew what it meant?...I told him that I was moderator of male yahoo groups..and his eyes not only OPENED wide, but said he had joined some called "BOOT" groups..and I told him they were my groups!
      Jumping-jahosafat!..You would think I had said something unbelieveable as he looked at me then at my deposit slip..and he said.."Are you are the same David?"..and then said.."Can I have one of those Davids Papers you always talk about?"
      Suffering-polecats!...The grocery store teen cashier was the funniest because his thumb ring caught on the bag of banannas I was buying..and we both had "fun" over that one..and since I was the only one in his line..he said that he had just gotten the ring..and I said "Do you know what it means on your thumb?"...and he looked questioning..."I said it is a gay sign"...He got ALL red...and took the ring off... :( .. He wanted to know how I knew that..and I told him I was gay..and showed him my thumb ring...and he put his ring back on..and smiled...So I don't know what that meant.. :)
      Lions!..Tigers!..and Bears!..oh my!...If you would like to see a cute teen blonde guy wanking with his thumb ring on..email boot43@... with the subject "SIGN" with a short blurb about yourself..and whether you wear any/look for any of the gay signs..and I will send you the video link..ok?
      You won't be disappointed as he will cum..just for you!... :)

      Aren't men just the "BEST!"?
      Did I tell you-"I LOVE YOU!"-today?
      You know you are "ME BOOT!"-right?

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