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Random shootings......

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  • Eric Foster
    Hiya all, lets see if we can get some activity going here. I posted way back with my version of the TaterHater . I have a vid on Kontraband at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2006
      Hiya all, lets see if we can get some activity going here. I posted
      way back with my version of the "TaterHater". I have a vid on
      Kontraband at http://tinyurl.com/dpngx . There is a smaller, lower
      res version at www.xr650r.us/video/ under "taterhater". The K-Band
      vid is much better, much higher res and audio quality.

      Anyway, since making the vid I have upgraded the cannon to using 2"
      feeders from the rezzies to the 2" barrel. The PVC ball valve has
      been replaced by a 1.5" brass ball valve FREE from one of my
      customers. Performance was enhanced phenomonally! The 2" steel slugs
      are flying roughly 750' when lobbed at a steep, 80 degreeish, angle.

      The cannon is now mounted on a post set in the yard. No kick!

      A few sources of ammo no one has mentioned before:

      Stale Dunkin Donuts donut holes. The jelly filleds make nice
      gruesome splat effects!

      RedBull cans. Made for cannon launching. Air tight fit in a 2"
      barrel! Fill with sand or concrete. Wet sand works best.

      Caulking tubes. Find one 1/4 full and these things are almost as
      good as the next idea....

      The best? Poly sealant tubes used by windshield installers. They are
      made of aluminum! Get one 1/3 full and they leave the barrel with a
      very satisfying snap, headed for a straight as an arrow flight of
      900 feet! I visit or pass by several of these guys on my daily runs.
      I have a box of about 50 now that will soon be sitting in a jig to
      have ballast added.

      Oh, BTW, the 2" slugs I've been using? (Insert schoolgirl giggle
      here) They WILL completely pass through a 1971 house trailer at a
      range of 450'!!!!! Glad I missed the fine china!

      Enjoy all, and be safe......

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