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Re: Mike's Text Reviews; Polls: Jamey-Melissa-Larry-TASC-Mike PI research

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  • james m. clark jr.
    Hey Ya ll, Mellisa is still just as excited in her quest and has more time now. She sent photos the other day but asked me to keep them to myself for now in a
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 11, 2007
      Hey Ya'll,

      Mellisa is still just as excited in her quest and has more time now.
      She sent photos the other day but asked me to keep them to myself
      for now in a 2nd post. I hope she had some kind of help placing one
      huge stone or fossil against a tree. The durn thing was as big as
      her bird dog.

      be well,

      --- In Precolumbian_Inscriptions@yahoogroups.com, "Susan"
      <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > MIke, Jamey, and All,
      > A few items or ideas here:
      > 1. Mike I have enjoyed your very interesting book/article reviews
      > oftentimes out-of-print documents many of us would not otherwise
      > been able to read. Because this site is nearing Post # 10,000 (who
      > going to be #10000???), much material, web links, ideas, etc. are
      > archived yet can be retrieved by a key word on the Search line in
      > Messages. Not easy for newcomers to this site because of not
      > been part of the conversational posts, and digging through web
      > archives is extremely difficult. Easier sometimes to Search the
      > What I suggest, though, is that when you are back in the States
      > have time, could you start organizing and putting book reviews
      > name, title, date, etc. together into a separate "Link" headed
      > Reviews? Maybe you have done so already and I missed it.
      > 2. I don't know if anyone here misses them, but when I was new,
      you h
      > ad all kinds of fun Polls of members. Not a huge number replied,
      > gave a cross-cultural representative idea of people's opinions and
      > interests.
      > 3. I know scientific investigations are going to or already taking
      > place re: the mysterious caves (reportedly thousands of stone bird
      > heads, a bone the size of a car hood!, etc. in Tennessee that
      > was called by property owners as first investigator, and was doing
      > wonderful job fielding questions, brought the quest to
      > Inscriptions and Mike because of confidence and trust of Mike and
      > this group. Mike and Jamey, could we as a group just start doing
      > exploratory research on the geography, terraine, historic as well
      > ancient human imprint in the area, maybe check out palentographical
      > sources...get information on TASC, etc.? I'd think if we keep the
      > work regionally exploratory, it would not interfere with
      > scientific/Native American-TASC? investigations. But I have said
      > this before, even if all this is merely glacial wash...it still is
      > very important, opens up that whole area of bordering states,
      > significant ancient waterways---all Tennessee Rivers are
      > of the Mississippi, said a source I sent earlier. But to me,
      > be a fun group project with you two leading. I sent a dozen or
      > to this site watching posts, have had a couple of inquiries about
      > the subject is dead or not. I haven't heard a thing other than
      > investigations are ongoing. When I was at the Miami Circle, the
      > public and tribal peoples gathering on site and 'millions' I was
      > listening to radio shows, following web links, etc. were kept
      > I'd place bets---regardless what the cave(s) and sinkholes produce-
      > that a PreColumbian Inscriptions/maybe TASC and perhaps Tennessee
      > Kentucky group of Jamey's and your choosing could put on a unique
      > unparralleled conference, staying close to nature, non-commercial,
      > warmly inclusive and low in cost for all walks of life...somewhere
      > near the Highland Rim or Ky-Tenn area.
      > Thanks to you both, Melissa and her family, Larry (joining the
      > adventure with his posts) for what you have done so far during the
      > group's pre-investigative group work of this intriguing
      > into perhaps an unexplored ancient, as well as early historic,
      > Tennessee-Ky past in a remote part of the world.
      > No reply needed, as usual. Just putting in my two cents worth once
      > a while.
      > Thanks, too Mike for putting the Ancient Waterways Society
      > group web site in PI's Links.
      > M. Susan English
      > ..paddling today from old Great Lakes-Mississippi Riverways to
      > ancient waterways (via my old personal web page):
      > http://hometown.aol.com/suzenglish/myhomepage/profile.html
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