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Head Hunters of the Amazon: Seven Years of Exploration and Adventure / Fritz W. Up de Graff

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    Head Hunters of the Amazon: Seven Years of Exploration and Adventure / Fritz W. Up de Graff http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/toc/modeng/public/UpdHead.html the
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      Head Hunters of the Amazon: Seven Years of Exploration and Adventure / Fritz W. Up de Graff
        ' the outstanding feature of a mule is always stubbornness, however fine an animal he may be, and if he takes it into his head to stop he will, and the only way to get him past the spot at which he has shied, is to take a half-hitch with your rope round his tender upper lip, pass the end of the rope around a tree a few yards ahead, walk back with the end of the rope behind the mule, and prod him with a stick. Every time he jumps, take up the slack. ' 
         [ i laugh but take note of such things that are needful to a traveller.  you get a camel to bend his neck to mount while he is moving by pulling his nostril with a finger.  some spirited horses are taught the boss by biting their ear. ]  
        1894  C√≥rdovez : ' They owned large cattle and horse ranches, as well as eight hundred square miles of uncleared forest '  in ecuador. 
        mules slide down 'the fun of covering in five or six hours what it takes eight days to climb'. 
        revolution : ' ten million rounds of ammunition were used up, while the only casualty was a man who was kicked by a mule. ' 
        ' We passed within sight of Antisana, the mighty broken cone on which the snow never melts, and which the Incas allege was the highest peak in the Andes before its top blew off in a tremendous eruption hundreds of years ago. '
        room and board was $ .05 then  - ' I had been careful to avoid sleeping in the inns, so as not to be eaten up by vermin ' 
        natives carry 150 lbs plus 50 lbs of their own kit for 10 days for $1.20 at 15,000 ft, and offered to carry him too. 
        ' After dropping about eight thousand feet, we had to climb a hill before we could continue the descent. At the summit of this hill the Indians cautioned me, much to my surprise, not to make the slightest noise, or else the rain might come down in sheets! I, being young and foolish, sure that their fears were founded on some local superstition, decided at once that I must prove the folly of their warning. While they were picking their way cautiously among the rocks ahead of me, I fired my rifle. Immediately the rain swept down upon us. ' 
         vampire bats attacked them along rio napo. 
        trade guns had barrels of wound soldered wire that unwound after 50 shots. 
        ' no Yumbos will ever disturb a cache '
        1895 ' Now that the old rubber trade of the Amazon has almost vanished, presumably for ever '  [car tires soon revived it]
        ' I kept no journal, the idea never having occurred to me at that time of publishing any record of my travels. '
        ' huiracuches (white men -- Inca) '  [aka viracoche] 
        ' a compass is of no practical value in such country '
        dead anaconda : ' It measured fifty feet for a certainty, and probably nearer sixty. '
         ' the Spaniards of the Oroonoqui positively affirm that they grow to be seventy or even eighty feet long, '
        the river depth fell 15 feet overnight. 
        ' There were besides bunches of bananas and plantains in different stages of ripeness and baskets of wild fruits. '
         [ they were the first white men into this area, yet bananas were cultivated.  im inclined to believe they were either native, or grown long before columbus.] 
         infieles : ' as low in the scale of development as any living men.'  ' They wear no clothes whatever '  ' They belong to the Stone Age '  ' For weapons they have nothing but the spear and blow-gun. '   they made masata like the natives of the andes.  they fled at their arrival, no contact was made.  along the upper rio yasuni. 
         snake bite : ' One makes the patient swallow the gall-bladder of the snake by which he has been bitten and applies a ligature to the affected limb above the bite and a hot coal to the bite itself until it is thoroughly cauterised. To our great relief he was all right in forty-eight hours, having suffered nothing worse than giddiness and bleeding at the nose and mouth. ' 
        ' it was not over two feet in length, mottled brown, green and yellow. ' 
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