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  • mobydoc
    G-day Mike & Mythis ; (GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar .is here and has been used for many years .by the USA .it has shown areas of Egypt and the South
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 1, 2007
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        G-day    Mike &  Mythis ;

                   (GPR)  Ground Penetrating Radar …is here and has been

               used for many years …by the USA …it has shown areas of Egypt

              and the South American continent  where there are certain things

           buried!  In sand …sheet pilling…sunk in a circle around the “object”

        would allow sand material to be [sucked]- vacuumed out of the circle…\

       to uncover what is laying below …it’s not that hard to understand …is it ?

       the Libyan  and  Egyptian governments only have to give permission for

       this …and  (Volla) …it will happen …but as long as the [egg-heads] ‘those’

       non-practical people (theoretical  idiots) are calling the tune …all you will get

       is [dah-dah-dahing]  just like the [united nations council on (  !   )] or what ever is

       the ( IN  name ) is the flavour of [this] moment in time …or as some primitives

       would say ( him talka long time fella ) J


           happy new year alla the time  J      Moby

      you make a good point. even though a solar deity was always
      adored in
      egypt, there were many others besides, with a powerful
      network of priests. it was the exclusion of the others that caused
      so much turmoil.
      i finished this book, and hope that others found something
      they say that the dunes of the sahara are advancing to the west.
      this seems contrary to the winds in many areas. it would be great if
      the sands were absent, so that the wonders below might be revealed.
      its terrible how many sculptures have been mutilated, and how many
      monuments have been dismantled for building supplies. its shameful,
      when so much limestone, and mud for bricks are readily available.

      happy new year!

      --- In Precolumbian_ Inscriptions@ yahoogroups. com, mythisis@... wrote:

      > Hello Mike
      > You asked why the Egyptians were so resistant to Akenaten when
      > worshipped the sun anyway. This is just my opinion of course but
      aside from the
      > obvious priestly concerns, I think it has more to do with the Aten
      > Goddess worship. Prior to this there was always the Goddess (Isis)
      and her
      > consort/lord Osiris and the resurrected son/sun (Horus). By
      instilling the belief of
      > only one God and that one being male in nature, you take the
      ancient Goddess
      > worship away from the Egyptian people and of course they rebelled
      > such a thing as their practices have always been Goddess based,
      even though the
      > Creator god of Atum was personified as male. The very ancient
      female aspect
      > of worship was always balanced in the Egyptian scheme of things,
      balance was
      > a spiritual desire. So by taking away the balance you would
      naturally upset
      > people.If you look at the artwork of ancient Egypt, it very much
      reflects a
      > society that strongly believed in the madonna/child imagery and of
      > resurrected god. Akenaten upset the entire society greatly by
      trying to instill this
      > "monotheistic" belief of only the Aten.
      > Just some thoughts,
      > Mythi
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      > hair, until she found the ring of roses that enticed her into
      their warmth.
      > SL
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