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  • mike white
    http://www.sacred-texts.com/atl/rag/rag20.htm Father Bernardino de Sahagun, a Spanish Franciscan, was one of the first preachers sent to Mexico, where he was
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      "Father Bernardino de Sahagun, a Spanish Franciscan, was one of the first preachers sent to Mexico, where he was much employed in the instruction of the native youth, working for the most part in the province of Tezcuco. While there, in the city of Tepeopulco, in the latter part of the sixteenth century, he began the work, best known to us as the 'Historia General de las Cosas de Nueva EspaƱa,' from which the above prayers have been taken. It would be hard to imagine a work of such a character constructed after a better fashion of working than his. Gathering the principal natives of the town in which he carried on his labors, he induced them to appoint him a number of persons, the most learned and experienced in the things of which he proposed to write. These learned Mexicans being collected, Father Sahagun was accustomed to get them to paint down in their native fashion the various legends, details of history and mythology, and so on, that he wanted; at the foot of the said. pictures these learned Mexicans wrote out the explanations of the same in the Mexican tongue; and this explanation the Father Sahagun translated into Spanish. That translation purports to be what we now read as the 'Historia General.'"[1]

          makes me want to look for a translation.  it looks to me that the aztec shared culture and religion with the toltec, and other early nations of mexico.   its possible that they had been the same people who had ruled before, who had left mexico, or the aztec were a portion of the same ruling class who had settled further south.   the common people had slew their ruling class in mexico, and later the aztec may have reconquered them.  cayce spoke of a group who left mexico to go to ohio, and another group maybe to arizona.  more proof places the aztec origin below mexico in central america.  old stone gods of the aztecs are found there.  its obvious that the red tribes descend from an ancient high culture.  an adopted lifestyle replaced older traditions and teachings, and they were lost.  we must look to both fallen cultures, that of the masses, and that of the ruling class, the latter anatomically different, and very advanced in learning.  it would appear that the ruling class were exterminated in north america.  so all we have are their monuments, and the few remaining codices.  the languages are still spoken, which should make the translation of monumental hieroglyphs easier.  the work of sahagun and da landa should have been helpful for a spanish scholar.  i have no confidence in the current state of translation. 
         i will disconnect my home internet tomorrow, and will rejoin the discussion asap from china.  i hope it dont take too long to get hooked-up there.  its hard to do serious thinking in a net cafe in asia. 
      Kind regards,
      Mike White
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