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Re: Inca electroplating

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  • michael
    we should consider that anomalous factors are found in a few numbers in many ancient cultures. i refer to the presence of dolichocephalic skulls, and very
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 8, 2006
      we should consider that anomalous factors are found in a few
      numbers in many ancient cultures. i refer to the presence of
      dolichocephalic skulls, and very high advanced techniques, like
      trepanation, brain surgery, and now possibly knowledge of
      electricity, and electro-plating. perhaps these point to contact
      with atlanteans. these things were found at the same places
      atlanteans that were given by psychics, as migrations had gone there,
      circa 10,000 bce. we have the relics that tend to support contact
      with a more advanced culture, but different, more recent dates are
      assigned. many expert dates are assigned by the estimate of the
      strata, compared to those dated by others, or base it upon the
      handles of jars, or pottery. these are a house of cards, that we
      support current views upon.
      if you believe there is a 'book of life', or akashic record, that
      contains an imperishable perfect record of all human deeds and acts,
      then listen to the psychics and mystics, and consider their words,
      while looking at the record found in actual relics. most begin to
      alter certain views, and give closer inspection to the proofs brought
      forward by modern experts. this is not a personal attack, for each
      of us are experts in something. i speak to the concensus public
      opinion, that some lead us to accept. thats true science, examining
      all of the evidence, before concluding anything.


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      > there are other sources that can be found, that may be more to
      > your liking. search the moche and chimu cultures.
      > " Today scientists finally are forced to admit in the light of the
      > overwhelming evidence that the Moche and Chimu cultures of Peru
      > predated the Incan culture..."
      > "...remnants of a pre-Incan culture in Peru known as the Chimus has
      > been unearthed, where it was discovered that they used quite a
      > sophisticated technique for the gold leaf finishing on their
      > ornaments, which was an electro-plating process to gild their metal
      > sculptures with gold!
      > "In order to accomplish this task they needed first of all an
      > electric current and then they would have had to heat the gold to
      > gilded up to temperatures in the neighborhood of 1450 degrees
      > Fahrenheit! Not only was a knowledge of producing and harnessing
      > electrical current necessary, but a sophisticated knowledge of
      > physics, thermodynamics, and chemistry would have been needed as
      > well. The Chimus also preformed successful brain surgery, as
      > evidenced by skulls that have been found with remarkably skillful
      > incisions cut into them. One skull that had a silver plate inserted
      > in it showed clear evidence that the patient survived the operation
      > and lived for many years afterward, as the bone had grown around
      > edges of the plate. "
      > _foard.htm
      > mike
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      > > hi jon, david, all
      > >
      > > its been a while since i was reading about andean metalurgy,
      > but i will search for articles. it was clear that the inca
      > sophisticated metalurgy, and created many alloys. i dont think
      > came right out and credited them with electro-plating, but some of
      > the jewelry suggested that as an explanation.
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      > > mike
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      > > Mike, do you have any links for Inca electroplated artifacts? I
      > had a
      > > link to the use of sintered platinum with arsenic from the Gold
      > Museum
      > > of Colombia but it is no longer working. However I did locate a
      > > similar article on the metallurgy of Machu Picchu artifacts
      > is
      > > quite detailed. I could not find any references to
      > > though. It does seem reasonable that with the sophisticated
      > metallurgy
      > > the Incas had, that they would have used electroplating too. One
      > > article stated that the complex metallurgy at Chan Chan had
      > > been inherited from an earlier culture.
      > > http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1475-
      > 4754.2006.00243.x
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