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Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Carbon Dating Results on Large Anchor at Bimini!!

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  • Pam Giese
    Following along the lines of Roman presence in Bimini ---here s an article in their presence in SE Asia at the same time .... ... From: Paul Bader To:
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      Following along the lines of Roman presence in Bimini ---here's an article in their presence in SE Asia at the same time ....
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      BRIEFS: When in Vietnam, Build Boats as the Romans Do
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      Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2006 11:27 PM
      Subject: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Carbon Dating Results on Large Anchor at Bimini!!

      Hi All,
      This just in from Greg Little:
      " I just received the radiocarbon test results from the large,
      heart-shaped anchor pulled up at Bimini. AMS radiocarbon dating, the
      most advanced type was used. The date was obtained from a small piece of
      the limestone-beachrock located on the outer edge of the stone, which
      means the date tells us when the stone was fully formed on a beach. It
      would have been utilized quickly then or it would have gotten larger.

      The date is 2350 BP (2350 years before 1950). Other calibrations take
      the probable date of its use as an anchor to: 30 BC with this range: 130
      BC to no later than AD 70.

      That's incredible news, at least from an archaeological standpoint.
      Someone with a large boat was there about the time the Phoenicians were
      plying the Mediterranean. Since the anchor was recovered in the area of
      the underwater stone circles, similar to mooring circles built by the
      Phoenicians and Romans, it implies something rather amazing.

       The rationale on the assertion that the anchor was probably made around 30 BC is:
          It is formed from beachrock; the sample that was carbon dated came from about 1/4 inch inside the outer layer, meaning it was the most recent part of the stone; if the stone had not been removed from the beach then, it would have become larger. Pretty neat.

      The carbon dating was an AMS, done by Beta Analytic, Inc. of Miami, FL.
      Dr. Greg Little

      Warmest Regards,
      Paul Bader

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