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Re: [Halls-of-Atlantis] Re: Ancient symbols - William

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  • william smith
    Mobydoc and Helen Thanks for the map Mobydoc, my e-mail is (wmsmithrock1@yahoo.com). I have some more translations of the stone frieze that may need to be
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      Mobydoc and Helen
         Thanks for the map Mobydoc, my e-mail is (wmsmithrock1@...). I have some more translations of the stone frieze that may need to be added to the list. I will try to explain them as they may be of great importance.
      Unit of measure for the traveler was approx. 500 miles. - If you look at the sun dial assembly (the two circular objects on his belt) The protractor looking device has evenly spaced markings on each of the circular sections. The straight vertical section of the inner dial has 4 markings. When the ancient knew what time of the year it was (Spring Equinox, summer solstice, Fall Equanox and winter solstice) he would adjust the upper sight line for observing the position of the sun on this surface to to match the time of the year. He then would sight the dial to the sun and read his latitude on the two curved sections. Their appears to be 8 markings on the outer circular surface in 90 degrees this would indicate his total scale would read 8 total units in the northern hemisphere or 8 units in the southern hemisphere. The approximate distance from the equator to the north pole is 4000 miles, their fore each of his marks would represent 500 miles. In that he has markings on the inner dial with spacing equal to the outer dial he could read 250 miles per unit. NOTE- The sun god symbols I have been plotting indicates the average unit of measure for the ancients was 280 miles per unit. With more accurate measurements and calculations we may find that the 250 miles and the 280 miles are the same.
      Traveler used the moon for longitude - The small shield like circular object has 28.6 projected markings on the outer edge. If you set the sun dial assy. in the center of this unit (the unit laying flat on the ground like an umbrella stand) you could observe the position of the moon in the sky each day at noon and record its difference in the base where it would be if you were on your home longitude.
      Boat was made for long travel and rough seas - The rope like image around the boat and the distinct line below it, indicates it was more than a carved tree and had elasticity or floatation assistance in its construction. This would not be needed if the trips were short and the water calm.
      The bird of prey for food - The feathers? in the head dress may represent the bird of prey which could have been trained and used to harvest fish on long voyages.
        Helen if you agree with this possible translation of the stone frieze from Maya ruins at Coba would you recap all the possible explanations?
         I will attach a drawing of the assembly to assist in how it was used as a sun dial. I recall an ancient mechanical assembly that had a series if wheels etc. that may be an actual unit for navigation these people used. It probably was in (early astronomy, ancient clocks, etc?) If I find it I will advise.
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      mobydoc <patcobb@...> wrote:
       Helen and William
       Send me you home URLs ..if the recent  Map
        doesn't arrive at  the groups  E/Mail
      Yes I would like a map of the Carabbean Land.
    • william smith
      Hi Helen and Pat I still do not see the connection to the warrior. Additional possible explanation of this drawing is that it is a high priest fleeing from the
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 31, 2005
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        Hi Helen and Pat
           I still do not see the connection to the warrior. Additional possible explanation of this drawing is that it is a high priest fleeing from the sinking island instead of a warrior. The inverted two items that appear above the front head of the priest could be the stench of death from the corpses in the water. The man in the water has his eyes closed and his fingers spread which may indicate he is dead. The bone in the nose may indicate an odor of human decaying body's in the water. The large ear pieces may be a way to block out the screams of the drowning people. The smoke to the far right indicates their is another volcano near.
           The most interesting find in all the drawing is the checkerboard pattern on the (hat) the priest is wearing. It shows 4 vertical boxes and 7 horizontal boxes. The circular head above the hat indicates it goes completely around his head which mean the number of 7 horizontal boxes would be actually 14. In an earlier translation I indicated how the sun dial with its markings would generate a standard unit of measure of 250 miles. If you go north 1000 miles (4x250) and east 3500 miles (14x250). you end up at the same location I have plotted 33 other sun god symbols on the earth. This is the 26.4 latitude north and the 65 longitude west.
           Thank you very much for sharing this with me and I will continue to look for additional sun god symbols which show ancient mans recorded journeys from the island many call Atlantis. I am sure my navigation theory and the methods used by the bronze age people to navigate will not be accepted by the experts in my lifetime, however the THOR group will keep digging in our quest to understand the Ohio Rock.
           We are currently studying the turtle shell looking base used to support the sun dial and its relation to the dial assembly in reading the positions of the moon on a daily basis. This reading was critical for the ancient to understand his longitude. I have looked the web over and have not located the pattern of the turtle shell. Do you have any suggestions other than going to the planetarium? If the main pattern of the shell matches the lunar moon cycles and the pedals at the bottom total up to 28.6 this may be support information as how the turtle was recognized a a religious symbol to early man.
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        Helen <oz_lady142@...> wrote:
        To answer your very interesting interpretations William -

        william smith <wmsmithrock1@...> wrote:
        Hi Helen and Pat
          I agree that this could be a great drawing to explain the last events of Atlantis and thank you all for your comments and Helen for making this drawing available. I wish I knew if the Mayan drawings were meant to be read left to right or right to left or left to right then the translation could have a time sequence attached to it. I will give my opinion, which is an armature's view only.
        H: It doesnt really matter William how amature ones views are..through amature readings comes many interesting results, everyone perceives certain items in thier own way, everyone is different, it is good to have other interpretations.
          The pyramid at the left seems to be a step design which may indicate a calendar observatory, energy collector, holy place for sacrifice or the tower of Babel. It appears it is built by man. If all of these are correct it seems this structure was the first to go. The raising water seems to be the next issue which may indicate this destruction was a slow process which sunk the island, the volcano still intact with steam coming out implies it has not erupted to the point of inhalation, the man in the water may imply they did not have enough boats for all the people to flee, other than the bone? in his nose he does not appear to be of high status, his hand raised seems to be pleading to the higher authority in the boat. The man in the boat with the steam from his mouth is an expression of his breathing hard to row the boat as fast as he can.
        H: I dont disagree with what you have just said sounds pretty good.
        His boat design and dress are for long voyage with a sun dial for navigation. 
           I think it is great to express opinions to what we see in this drawing and the dialog generated may give the best answer to date of what the artist was trying to tell us. What I can not attach a meaning to is the object that appears to be in each mans nose and the total dress of the (priest?) which is in the boat the head dress with the small design's may be a reference to the locations of the moon which would be required to determine longitude.
        H:  The bones through the nose was a tribal trend like fashions of today, certain tribes were identified by this trend..in this case it was the Mayan...then again we also have to consider if maybe the very early Aztecs and Incas were into this bone through the nose trend.  If you will notice above the warriors front portion of his head near the feather that is pointing more upward there is an object that looks like two round circles under the smokeline.  I interpret this as a possibility of the backend of a flying machine...what do you think?
         Also the steam from the volcano seems to be flowing more dominate in the same direction the man is vigorously rowing. The similar symbol of the (steam?) to the far right may indicate another volcano was exerting steam also. The only other symbol is above the pyramid which may indicate another energy source from above being collected at the high point of the pyramid. If this is a separate energy it could be a representation of what I call cosmic energy being collected in the pyramid.
        H:  The smoke from the volcano does seem to be blowing in a Eastward motion...Maybe the pyramid was just collapsing under the movements of the submerging island...then again there is smoke coming from the top of the pyramid indicating that you maybe right in your interpretation of the collection of cosmic energy causing the explosion.
        The overall drawing seems to be on large rocks which may resemble the rocks in the Bimini island area and constructed in Mexico in the same manner to have a place to display this immage. 
         Currently a local group which I am chairing is trying to identify this energy which I will not elaborate on due to the unknowns at this time. I don't think Paul would want me to go their.

        All things prevail in turn as the cycle comes
        round, and pass into one another
        and grow great in their appointed time.
        -- Empedocles (5th century B.C.)

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      • mobydoc
        Hy William and Helen et at ; Have you read the works of Prescott The Conquest of Mexico It will give you a good insight into the European beginnings in the
        Message 3 of 3 , Oct 31, 2005
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            Hy William and Helen et at ;
             Have you read the works of 'Prescott'
            "The Conquest of Mexico"
             It will give you a good insight into the
             European beginnings in the Andean
            nation ...In it you will find that on asking
           how they (Andeans) built such large buildings..
            the reply was that the buildings were there
           when their people arrived !
            As Prescott delved through long forgoten
           Spainish Libruary records when putting his
           Theasus together ...I am surprized that it is
            not used as... it should be ...just to quote one
            part of this book ...A outer walled court filed
            with 6'-0"of Compost ...for leafe material ...
           to get to this  depth it would have taken many hundreds of years ...(imho)
                             regards    Pat/Moby
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