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Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Re: book review : prorok's 'in quest of lost worlds' - my musings

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  • mike white
    disappointed with the slow trade, prorok uncorked a bottle to speed the barter. for some cow flesh, iron, and salt he got a bag of gold, that included
    Message 1 of 15 , Apr 1, 2005
         disappointed with the slow trade, prorok uncorked a bottle to speed the barter.  for some cow flesh, iron, and salt he got a bag of gold, that included emeralds, and a gold statue, 'identical' with idols found at queddan in tripolitania, 3 inches tall.  another claim was decided upon.  then a courier arrived with their permits and guns. 
         [he is never specific in the text on the exact locations of ruins, gold, and emeralds.  without his map it would be hard to find his locations.] 
         'we discovered rough, archaic hieroglyphs on the rocks.'   chalked and photographed.  'crude cartouches' 
      'macrobian ethiopians' vast gold was mentioned by herodotus.  'the djebel el gomara:  the mountain of the moon'  'the region was known by all of the ancients.'   [but he doesnt quote any calling it ophir.] 
         'this was the first true abyssinian village we had encountered; the others, so far, had been peopled by negroes.' 
         mountains were of volcanic origin, much cactus at base.  bamboo here also. 
         'up on a summit were circular ruins'.   old document said the 'trail of the shebans was lined with watch-towers'.  [as if he assumes sheba was ophir?] 
         'rock-drawings of prehistoric times'   'higher up, we found other inscriptions, which seemed to be rough hieroglyphics, with egyptian superposed on sheban.' 
         'the blaze came racing up the hill of skeletons, roaring like waterfall, and we were confronted by a wall of fire, soon to be racing neck and neck with wild game in the direction of the river'  with vultures flying behind.  'we were singed and without eyelashes. 
         american machetes came in handy.  'we came on two rund cities, which were fortified.' 
         'vast stones made a fortified circle on the hill-side, inside which stood the ruins of round buildings, including temples'  'able to copy rough inscriptions'  'obelisk with phallic symbols'  'closely allied to archaic sheban' 
         next hill 200 baboons had made their home among the ruins'.  we 'collected flints and several bronze implements.'  'rock-tombs in the slopes below'. 
         'report that ghogoli was making for abu moil and that it was likely to develop into a race between him and us'. 
      'i had a flag-bearer with the flag of the explorers' club'. 
      the sultan beat them, and sent a messenger to report to him with passports or have their throats cut.  they defied him, and took a defensive stance on a hill top.  by chance it was abu moti the 'hill of death'. 
         ghogoli about 100, 'a cross between gandhi and a fat turk'.  sultan produced two egyptian bronze statues and 2 roman coins.  'thousand thalers and he show you place in mountains where there are many such things'.  wisely he had the silver and guns buried before the sultans visit. 
      'they knew they had us'.  'we offered prsents to our guests; but nothing satisfied them'.   women wore two massive gold bracelets of entwining serpents, ancient, found nearby. 
         'the tombs were sacred, and must not be touched - by any other than ghogoli.' 
         the armed escort arrived, freeing them of the sultan. 
      Kind regards,
      Mike White
    • mike white
      ethiopia a huge buffalo horn, containing tej, the national beer, was proferred . before we knew it we were in a fog of flying locusts . 1000s of stone and
      Message 2 of 15 , Apr 1, 2005
           'a huge buffalo horn, containing tej, the national beer, was proferred'. 
           'before we knew it we were in a fog of flying locusts'. 
           1000s of stone and obsidian tools were said to be in the chankalla district, near the smoking mountains.  
           mt of the moon had inscriptions in four languages.  'the place of the royal tombs of ancient ethiopians.'  he was arrested for coming to the sacred place.  1 in 4 of the male population were priests, coptic christians.  the clergy were very powerful.  
           a foreigner here is called 'feringhe'.  not so far from the name 'farang' of thailand.  no doubt the root of our word.  
           they scatterred laurel and eucalyptus leaves on the floor.  at night he heard a rustling in the leaves, then the bites began.  millions of fleas on the warpath.  
           abyssinians consider themselves white.  
           chankallas ate raw meat.  
           they performed a jackal ritual, and their calls were answered, later jackals came.  
           'they are reputed to be able to change themselves into hyaenas and other beasts.'  
           'a number of terra-cotta statuettes, all utterly obscene.'  
           'the men of the village were blood-drinkers.'  
           they would cut steaks from a cow's rump, dress the wound, and they and the cow would continue the trail.  
           'the amount of venereal and skin disease was appalling.'  many lepers
           many greek traders, who could make 300 percent on gold.  
           pomp of an escort : 'even beggars will save their alms, so that they may hire a slave for a day or two.'  
           market day: 15,000;  greeks in numbers, 'nearly everybody carried a parasol, made of straw, gaily coloured and of bell shape.'  
           'abyssinian custom of the creditor hauling his debtor along, chained to his wrist'.   
           [it speaks of a high culture, fallen to a facade of what it was.]  
           'houses of the greeks and armeniansrose to two stories and had tin roofs.'  
           'an abyssinian telephone is a phenomena of the first order.'   4 listeners take turns in a hut :  'idle contemplation, until suddenly one of the clerks roused from his semi-coma, gave a little scream, and snatched a pencil.'   2 words, then an hour later 3 more words of the message, 'relayed in amharic'
           'cathedrals have tin roofs'.  
           great mounds surround a 'church', but his description of the tomb, tells of a wealthy jewish family.    laid out as a tabernacle, with law of moses in a painting.  'enormous paintings, realistic beyond credence, ornamented the walls, mostly of solomon being vamped by the queen of sheba'  and history. 
           [if only the experts would accurately date this deposit, an important period of history could be documented.  maybe lots older than thought.  im convinced that solomon and sheba are authentic, but question most dates given.  solomon was smart, and made many alliances thru marriage.  there was the attraction of gold, gems, and ivory.  i dont think abyssinian was ophir.  israel was capable of crossing the red sea, one way or the other.  they hired the phoenicians to make a 2-3 year voyage to ophir.  that could have been quito.  my best guess on the time of solomon is circa 5400 bce.  i wont labor to prove a guess.   as said earlier the name ophir is a hebrew family name, grandson to noah i believe, so quito may have been established by jews, many thousands of years before solomon, my guess circa 24,000 bce.  it seems reasonable after the great deluge, that people wanted to know how much of the earth remains above water, and they may have sent out voyages of discovery to make contact with other survivors.  the andes should have been easy to find.  i wonder if panama was a strait in these early times?]     
        Kind regards,
        Mike White
      • mike white
        the government does not feed its prisoners; either the family provides the food, or the prisoner is allowed to earn it . feringhe was not to be shown caves,
        Message 3 of 15 , Apr 2, 2005
             'the government does not feed its prisoners; either the family provides the food, or the prisoner is allowed to earn it'. 
             'feringhe was not to be shown caves, inscriptions, or ruins'  but he bribed a greek to tell where was an underground fortress.  holes in the walls of south facing terraces led below.  'vast grotto, which my torch illumined none to well'  stench.  after 30 yards passages led to left and right.  'from the depths came a most agonizing noise.  something was coming out.'  'group of hyaenas tore headlong past me.  i emptied both barrels'.  
          after ridding the vampire bats he found a stone altar at the furthest point.   'i roughly copied the drawings'   rock-cut steps led up the canyon.   
              missionaries were heroes, over-tired and to few to fight disease and ignorance. 
             prince had a luxury banquet, as if in paris, but at nekempti. 
             secret slave trade was going on.  3-4,000,000 slaves only 80 years ago. 
             'on the way to ambo'  'i was badly bitten by a horned viper.'  'received a blow that sent an electric current up my leg'. 
             guedalla 'our last battle with the officials'  'place of thieves'.  'and the boy [he was little more] who held us up for baksheesh in the name of authority'  'we were refused passage'.  'i was full of whisky and serum and pain, and i simply drew a revolver and pushed it into the youngster's face'.   'in twenty-four hours you will have the emperor's troops here, and i hope they string you up!'   'if you make a sufficient show of force, and dont retract an inch, you get your way.' 
             'court procedure demanded classic amharic'. 
             emperor : 'a subject that interested him was the reported discovery by a french aviator of the capital of the queen of sheba'. 
             he hints he may visit that place. 
          finis ...
          Kind regards,
          Mike White
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