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  • mike white
    i host several groups, sometimes i blurt out something that is more appropriate for posting on one of the other lists. the poll feature can be useful for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2005
         i host several groups, sometimes i blurt out something that is more appropriate for posting on one of the other lists. 
         the poll feature can be useful for a sampling of member's thoughts on various issues.  on ancient-mysteries the recent poll query is on the belief that there were giants in ancient times.  only a limited number take the time to respond to polls, but so far the majority seem to think there were giants, and modern humans descend from them.  some, like catherine, say yes to giants, but feel we are unrelated. 
         in our study, its important to know what man was like in prehistoric times.  the fossil record is incomplete.  much suggests that early man used cremation of the dead. 
         the bible tells us that early man was of large stature, and was long-lived.  homer tells us that giants fought alongside smaller men in the trojan war.  stating that men of his day could not lift the 18ft spears wielded by combatants in that war.  the kings list from babylon has the early kings ruling for hundreds of years.   the megalithic structures around the world suggest they were built by giants.  some seem built for no other reason, but to show puny modern man what the mighty giants could do. 
         i think its reasonable to accept there were giants in those days.  logically, it appears to me that all of nature, including man, was larger during the pleistocene age.  the creator, thru the providence of mother nature, took care to see that each species was well fitted for the environment in which it was to live. 
         at every period of history, man at each level of evolution shared the globe.  just as now, we have a high-tech society in one portion, and stone age tribes in others.  man has the fault of distrusting all who are not like themselves.  after the number of people of smaller size increased, they probably set about killing the remnant of the giants.  giving no thought that these were fellow human carry-overs from a former age, and kindred to themselves. 
         these giants were no doubt very intelligent.  the golden age of mankind may have been during the age of giants.  the scriptural patriarchs prior to noah were probably giants. 
         the earth had a different face then.  each age, we are given a new earth, and new heavens, relatively speaking.  this is where the tale becomes more disturbing to some people.  the more education, the more one is indoctrinated into a belief system. 
         the mighty continent in the atlantic suffered cataclysm for the second time when noah took to the ark.  a scientific error was made in the adjustment of power in the area we now call the sargasso sea.  poseidon was king in those days, circa 26,000 bce.  the explosion was great enough to crack the earth, submerge that land, and cause a poleshift. 
         noah and the seven with him made it to ararat.  nimrod made it to shinar.  many of the 'things' that were created to work the fields somehow escaped and made it to spain and north africa.  these two groups of 'things' may have been separated for a few thousand years, before encountering each other again.  its merely my conjecture, that they may be identified as neanderthal and cro magnan, mostly based on the era they appeared, and the places they began their movement eastward.   true man lived in the same period, and had great cities with high culture in various parts of the world. 
         homer may have been referring to these things as cyclops, for indeed, their father had been poseidon. 
         there are no history books, at least that have been found so far, that tell of this remote time.  so each is welcome to believe or not, my tale.  record archives were deposited in giza and other places, that may one day give to man an account of his former glory.  until then we just try to piece together the few clues that we can find from whatever source. 
      Kind regards,
      Mike White

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