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Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] from CHINA

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  • mike white
    yes im still in china. im not so fond of the food here, never was much for trying the unknown, and chopsticks still are beyond me. much of china s early
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2003
         yes im still in china.  im not so fond of the food here, never was much for trying the unknown, and chopsticks still are beyond me. 
         much of china's early history is murky at best.  only recently have they been convinced that the shang really existed, outside of legends and myths.  before 1500 bce almost nothing can be said for certain, with physical proofs to back it up.  the prevading attitude is that they will leave excavations for the future.  its unfortunate, for thens of thousands of years of history will remain unknown for decades.  the buried gold and cultural objects would have mended their weak economy, and started a lucrative tourist industry.  they must have some reason to be known from early times as the celestials.
        there is a great mystery concerning tripods.  pythagorus told of it to the priestess of delphi.  nostradamus learned of it from psellus.  its something that i would like to look into deeper, if im ever able to purchase or construct a bronze tripod of the proper dimensions.  the bronze tripod and the laurel wreath were awarded to the victors at olympia.   a few survive from antiquity in greece, but ive never read of any careful measurements of lengths and angles of the legs. 
         china is an ancient place, but an infant when compared to india, egypt, tibet, mexico, bolivia, and the gobi/mongolian lands. 
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      From: Mobydoc
      Sent: Monday, September 29, 2003 8:59 PM
      Subject: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] from CHINA

         Hy Mike et al;
             If your still in the land of Lovely Food...here are
        some interesting finds ...of Leo ...maybe *!*
                                     Pat / Moby

      Thousands of years ago, Emperor Huang-ti reigned over a highly advanced Chinese civilization, now buried deep in the shadows of history. Huang-ti's political and military feats were quite remarkable, but the bizarre tales of his life and origins lead to an intriguing idea: That Huang-ti was not merely an exceptional emperor, but an extraterrestrial as well.Numerous sources relate that Huang-ti manufactured and used "miraculous tripods" which were made in the "likeness of the Great Infinite," Tao, the concealed engine of the Universe. The "tripods" were used to store knowledge and data and were capable of moving themselves about. The legends of ancient China say that the "tripods" depicted "dragons, flying in the clouds." At the end of his reign, one of these "dragons" carried Huang-ti and his colleagues back to their home in the constellation Syuan Yuan -- the constellation we know as Leo. The "tripods" were always pointed in the direction of Syuan Yuan, which contains the star Regulus -- a radio source that emits signals in metric wave

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