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Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Re: mound builders and earlier cultures

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  • mike white
    the expression does not say that they were contemporaries. its like the hopi calling the unknown cliff dwellers the anazasi , or the ancients. they had the
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 15, 2003
         the expression does not say that they were contemporaries.  its like the hopi calling the unknown cliff dwellers the 'anazasi', or the ancients.  they had the ruins, so coined a name for their builders. 
         the best argument for the tribes contacting the mbs is the 'red record' of the lenapes.  they fought the alleghewi [sic], said to be giants, to gain access to the east.  some contend these were the mound builders, but many dissent, including myself.  they were killed or driven out entirely.  the only contact was in battle. 
         thats why this mystery has been a source of unanswered conjecture from the beginning.  for two hundred years it has been debated if they were ancestors of the tribes, or another unknown people.  we will not settle that issue here.  it was the least of the points that i made in my post anyway.  most realize that the issue will not be settled until more evidence is uncovered. 
         we, as epigraphers, know there were others in the americas in ancient times, that were from the 'old world'.  even though im quarter cherokee, i object to the tribes claiming every ancient grave as sacred from being their ancestors.  this retards science, and helps nobody.  even if they were natives, their soul has left those bones, and cannot be harmed by their examination.   its wrong, and stupid, considering all of the evidence for precolumbian contact, to assume every burial is related to the tribes.  only if the tests show them related should they be given over for ritual reburying, imho. 
         the majority of mounds have never been opened.  the experts consider themselves incapable of disturbing them, and appear to prefer to wait for future archaeologists, thinking they will have better methods.  methods improve from doing.  its through mistakes that better methods are found.  i dont see where being inactive is going to further the science.  its like after powell proclaimed the mounds were done by the ancestors of the indians, so all work and study was abandoned.  to consider otherwise might be thought an insult to native intelligence.  then the states jumped in to protect the mounds, more as tourist attractions, than for study.  now 150 years later, we know no more than we did then.   
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      yes, "the ones who came before" i heard tell of them in many old legends.

      Cecil Jeter, Sheriff

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