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[Fwd: [NOVA] "Mystery of the First Americans"]

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  • Tim Edwards
    Sounds like a great program...too bad I can t get PBS through DTV. ... The web site is very interesting though. ;-) Tim ... -- *So much to learn and so little
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2002
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      Sounds like a great program...too bad I can't get PBS through DTV.

      : - (

      The web site is very interesting though.




      NOVA wrote:

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      > http://www.pbs.org/nova/first/
      > Broadcast: December 10, 2002
      > (NOVA airs Tuesdays on PBS at 8 p.m. Check your local listings as
      > dates and times may vary.)
      > In 1996, near Kennewick, Washington, a suspected murder victim is
      > identified by forensic anthropologists as Caucasian -- but turns out to
      > be almost 10,000 years old. For 50 years our picture of prehistoric
      > America has rested on the premise that the earliest inhabitants of the
      > Americas were east Asians of Mongoloid stock, the ancestors of today's
      > Native Americans. But the discovery of the Kennewick Man, along with
      > several other startling finds in recent years, has thrown that once
      > widely accepted idea into question and revolutionized the science of
      > paleo-anthropology. It has also embroiled scientists in a bitter
      > conflict with Native American groups that want the scientific study of
      > early Americans halted. Who and what do Kennewick Man and others
      > represent? NOVA follows the efforts of paleo-anthropologists' work to
      > decode the story in the bones of people who died 10,000 years ago.
      > Here's what you'll find on the companion Web site:
      > Does Race Exist?
      > Anthropologists George Gill of the University of Wyoming
      > and Loring Brace of the University of Michigan square off
      > on the issue. After reading their opposing viewpoints,
      > decide for yourself.
      > Meet Kennewick Man (QTVR)
      > Archeologist Jim Chatters, the only scientist able to study
      > the bones before federal authorities impounded them, tells
      > how he put a face to Kennewick Man. Includes a striking
      > QuickTime VR of the ancient man's reconstructed head.
      > Claims for the Remains
      > Eight scientists have filed suit against the U.S. government
      > for the right to study the Kennewick Man remains. Here, all
      > eight speak out about why they feel they should be allowed
      > to do so and what they hope to learn if they get the chance.
      > The Dating Game
      > Scientists have long relied on carbon-14 analysis to determine
      > the age of organic remains such as ancient seeds, bits of
      > charcoal, even human remains. In this feature, learn how this
      > widely used process works.
      > Plus Resources.
      > http://www.pbs.org/nova/first/
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      *So much to learn and so little time!*

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