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Plato , Soul and Me and A Matter of Creation

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  • AwenDawn
    Just thoughts for Thanksgiving Day May we all be wonderfully thankful and grateful on this Thanksgiving day. May we be blessed with grace so as not to want
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2002
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      Just thoughts for Thanksgiving Day May we all be wonderfully thankful and grateful on this Thanksgiving day. May we be blessed with grace so as not to want that which we do not need, and finally may the universe smile on this corner of the Galaxy so all potential selfrighteousness will never take seed. Happy TG Awen
      Originally written July 25,2001
      Subject: Plato , Soul and Me

      Dare I tell a poet his words have no soul? I think not! Have I felt my beloved's soul as he whispers  words of love to me and I feel myself dissolving into his very essence? I have! Plato's argument was not just the whimsy of an old man . Plato did not object to the Poet nor writing to keep records for a matter of commerce. Plato objected to the finality of the written word no room to move forward, no room for debate, no room for change. Yes we can say that many wonderful things have happened since we learned to write, however one thing has not changed in all these years. The one thing we have needed to change the most. We still kill each other. I for one would rather face each and every one of you in oral debate than type on the forum. When we all have virtual voice I will be a happy camper. Looking at each other when we communicate brings an  honesty of the soul in the here and now the written word can never do. Think about it. We as archaeologist and anthropologist and persons who are deeply interested in our past look at the writings that we find from our past. We take these written words and use them to get an idea of humankind's history and origin. We say myth and legend are fantastic metaphors  for things that probably have a simple explanation but we are not quite sure what, and surely cannot be used as any kind of accurate history because of its oral tradition. We are always reading something else in to what we are looking at because we were not there . We cannot possibly know the mind set of peoples in our distant past but we think we do.  We add a lie every time we change the meaning of what we are looking at because of our own mindset.  What makes us think that our written words will be understood in the distant future, or god forbid some off planet alien try's to figure us out from our written words. True communication is a one on one oral and eventually mental bond the written word can never achieve. Namaste, Awen                                             
      A Matter of Creation                                                                                                                     Originally written                                           As: Goddess-God?                                                
      The Matter of Creation. We look at artifacts such as
                  symbols, script, and language and use a science called Anthropology and its major
                  application Archaeology to define human kind's social, cultural and religious
                  structure. The Goal of these investigations is to find out where we came from, why
                  we are here and how we fit into to the ever expanding  universe. We define ourselves
                  as being created and when we do this we use the gender oriented words Goddess
                  and God  in the definition of the entity "creator-creatrix". By using gender orientation for
                  definitions in spiritual matters we have forgotten a concept of co-creation which is
                  what we as humans do every time we are in union and create a new human life. We
                  have managed to separate ourselves in our spiritual matters and gender matters from
                  our creator-creatrix by making  our creator-creatrix gender specific. Next I would like to say creation
                  is not and should never be looked  at as a power struggle between by our very
                  definition a gender oriented  creation. What we have created for ourselves is desire
                  for control and power over each other through defining certain behaviors as  male or
                  female, there by closing the door to investigation of our other emotional selves that
                  which is opposite of our sexual physical selves. This whole process has truly
                  hindered our ability to investigate with open eyes the enigmas we find that do not
                  fit with our already set Ideas of what we think we know. Case in  point. By definition Goddess is gender specific and it has been pointed out that in certain text         
                  Neith(Creator Goddess to some) has been described by others as undifferentiated
                  or androgynous taking the female completely out of the possibility of being
                  responsible for creation.  However in doing this you cannot remove gender specific Goddess from the
                  equation of Creatrix and leave a gender specific "God" responsible for
                  Creation and have a balanced world.  We must let go of old  and no longer valid ideas in the face of new
                  information . We need to change how we see what is in front of us not hide it away
                  as an impossibility. Namaste, AwenDawn [ LightForce]
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