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Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Writing .-Monolith

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  • mike white
    excellent paul, if accurate, maybe these records can be located. other than intuition, im of limited help in transliterating. the alphabets and other script
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          excellent paul, if accurate, maybe these records can be located.   other than intuition, im of limited help in transliterating.  the alphabets and other script aids allow me to just get the general idea.  i personally never believed for a moment that the high cultures of meso-america lacked a written language.  this is the old world.   just the fuente magna and cabeza have totally convinced me of the truth of the great antiquity of the titicaca area, greater tiwanaku.  it it had noah's name on the monoliths, some would say it was a deposit in colonial times.   the fm and cabeza should have been world headlines.  our discernment is disappointing. 
         bernardo, has it been determined how many meters of sediment and mud was deposited when lago titicaca shrank?    considerable i would think.   what is the deepest excavation that has been done?   is it possible that the remains of greater tiwanaku are much deeper, and over a wider area?   plz keep an open mind on the dating of the antiquities found.   its quite possible deep deposits and lower buildings may date as far back as 50,000 bce.    ive read the great literature, the harvard classics, studied archaeology as a hobby for over 40 years.  blavatsky was among the most brilliant thinkers ive ever read.  her advancement into metaphysics doesnt cancel her credentials and high intellect.  einstein respected her enough to study her writings.  my opinion is of no consequence, but you ignore her's at your own loss.  when both blavatsky and cayce say that mexico and tiwanaku westward were part of ancient lemuria - then proof is needed to say it isnt a fact.  imho   mexico city is reported to have a dozen levels.   until deep excavation of 50 feet or more is done, we are just guessing at the truth.   
          i invite you to send me every image that you can find.  i guarantee to find free hosting and will maintain them online, giving credit as per your request.   
         part of the problem is poor communication between bolivia, and academia of the world.  ive spent much time trying to find museums of latin america online.  i found dozens with pages, but none with images of their collections.  so many persist thinking there was no written language.   if any members have url links to museums with images of artifacts of peru and bolivia - plz send them to me, the public needs to see these objects.   
      happy new year  
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      Sent: Monday, December 31, 2001 9:11 PM
      Subject: Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Writing .-Monolith


      My opinion is that the images inscribed in the legs of
      monolith have writing on them.

      Here is one possible partial reading of the
      inscriptions, based upon some old Chinese graphies,
      and perhaps some Egyptian as well (as far as I'm
      concerned, when you go back far enough, these two
      cultures and Sumerian are all connected), and just
      plain common sense:

      Rightmost characters, literally:

      Records (scrolls)
      earth (upside down "T")
      sun (circle with dot in middle)
      middle (E) (reads right to left)
      shadow (turkey track).

      A little more understandable:
      "Records were deposited (buried) where the sun at
      mid-day casts its shadow."

      Whoever carved this, appears to have carved it in
      haste.  The writing columns are nearly indeterminable.
      The stone surface was not smoothed out beyond what
      was already done on the monolith carving, and may have
      been written on what was the most accessible stone
      surface that could be found at the moment.  It appears
      the image may have been deliberately broken down to
      cover the inscription, and perhaps make it more
      difficult to locate the records' burial spot.  (Wire
      binding around the base where the monolith had been
      broken off or pushed over?)

      My suggestion would be to get a clear line drawing for
      both legs and let Mike Xu see it.  The upside down
      fork means something in the Old Chinese graphies, I
      just can't remember what.  There are also some
      ligatures in there, (I am not sure Chinese used
      ligatures, but perhaps Egyptians or Sumerians did, and
      these emigrants or descendants of emigrants still knew
      how to use ligatures) which may have been an attempt
      to save time and available space, and cram as much
      info as possible onto the monolith carved surfaces.

      If there was someway to determine where this monolith
      stood, and how high it was, an archaeologist might be
      able to search for some records.  However, the records
      may have been removed long ago (_IF_ this is the
      correct reading of the characters).

      Hope this helps.

      Paul Troemner

      --- Bernardo <platon@...> wrote:
      > Thank You Paul
      > Sincerely
      > Bernardo

      > ATTACHMENT part 2 image/jpeg name=Ber5.jpg

      > ATTACHMENT part 3 image/jpeg name=Ber51.jpg

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    • Paul Troemner
      Make that My opinion is that the monolith legs have writing on them.----- Original Message ----- From: Paul Troemner To:
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        Make that "My opinion is that the monolith legs have writing on them."

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        Sent: Monday, December 31, 2001 9:11 PM
        Subject: Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Writing .-Monolith

        > Bernardo,
        > My opinion is that the images inscribed in the legs of
        > monolith have writing on them...

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