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  • mike white
    you miss the entire significance of my post. basalt, or pillow lava speaks of ancient seabeds, and would not be used for most cutting tools, if obsidian was
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 10, 2001
         you miss the entire significance of my post.  basalt, or pillow lava speaks of ancient seabeds, and would not be used for most cutting tools, if obsidian was available - it speaks of what portions were above water at that time horizon.   see?
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      Subject: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Re: New place

      --- Mike Basalt is all over the place in south america and meso
      america.Many later cultures such as the mayan in meso america and
      the Olemic peoples used basalt for clubs and tools. AwenIn
      Precolumbian_Inscriptions@y..., "michael white" <infoplz@h...>
      > hi
      >    my first impression is why would they have chosen basalt to make
      > tools, if the current theory of andean uplift is dated correctly,
      > then they would have had many more excellent materials to use?   eg
      > obsidian, flint, chert, and others.  quite possibly this may
      > that this vulcanism and mountain building event had not occurred by
      > this paleo horizon. 
      > kr
      > imho 
      > --- In Precolumbian_Inscriptions@y..., "Bernardo" <platon@c...>
      > > Hello all,  
      > > New paleolithic place, 20 k.m. of long, workshop, of basalt most.

      > > The basalt this to 100 K.M. of distance, of the place.  
      > > fishermen and hunters, there are thousands of pieces.  
      > > Age, 30.000 or 40.000 years or more  according to Mario. 
      > > Today's climate is very cold, before more  temperate. 
      > > This place is enormous.  
      > > What do you say, opinion?? 
      > > Sincerely  
      > > Bernardo

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