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Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Re: [Ancient-Mysteries] axis reversal 180 degrees

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  • david collins
    I m not at all surprised at the failures of our scholars for 24 centuries. We only have to look at the degree of ego exhibited within academia to understand
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 23, 2013
      I"m not at all surprised at the failures of "our scholars" for 24 centuries. We only have to look at the degree of ego exhibited within academia to understand why.
      Plato and Socrates were scholars of a totally different caliber to the majority of those of our time. I suspect they were able to connect with the Spirit world and receive information as you put it "from the akashic" or even through channeling.

      We were told that "the beginning of the end" of Atlantis occurred long before the final demise. At the height of their spiritual connection there were no armies for defence.  When invasions occurred the priests and priestesses would visit the site of the conflict to assist the survivors but also to help the traumatized souls of the deceased to move on to the Light. I know this is possible because I have actually performed many of these "rescues" myself on souls whose lives ended in very traumatic circumstances in which they dies holding hatred and terror.

        I have been privileged to speak with the then High Priestess whose death ushered in the downfall.  The ruling male council were convinced by one charismatic individual that the old ways were no longer working and that a defensive army was necessary.  This flew in the face of earlier beliefs that killing another less evolved soul to defend one`s own current life brought one down to the ignorance of the attacker and there would then be need for further returns to Earth to correct the errors.

       Richard Attenborough recently stated that there needs to be more BIRTH control as humanity is approaching calamity.  I would suggest that he is incorrect.  If anything there needs to be more DEATH control.  I`m not the first to advocate this.  Jesus said the same thing. If we surrender to the death we attract to ourselves then we no longer need to return to the Earth for our lessons. No returns mean less births. Less births mean reducing populations but we have to learn to die well first.


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         with the execution of socrates, and the vows he made in egypt, plato is under constraint on what could be said.  this may be why he uses dialogues, and cites two unknowns' conversation, the 'young socrates' and a 'stranger'. 
         the statesman and the king seem to refer to the logos, deity of the sun.  such high wisdom stashed in a little known work. 
         he says 10,000 of tales came down to them from the era of chronos.  this is unlikely in the material world, in 50,000 years, and on the darker side of the greek dark age.  more likely he cites from the akashic records, or the temple archives of egypt. 
         its disturbing that he says the axis reversal is a cyclic recurring event.  it has been 52,000 years since the last total reversal.  50 or 52 is the jubilee of scripture.  this worries me, that it could be time for another reversal. 
         in the age of chronos, before the poleshift, lemuria was in the northern hemisphere, atlantis, europe, and north america, were in the southern hemisphere. 
         the Creator has ordered nature in such a way, that each continent and land takes a turn, under the sea, in each climate, and under different stars.   
         the fortunate nations under the northern constellations seem to have the edge on civilization, under the influence of the bears.  ursa major is the seven sages of greece. 
         so if and when the reversal occurs, africa, south america, and australia will benefit.  there is no guarantee that the current continents will remain above sealevel.  there wont be any winners for a while. 
         its said in the age of chronos, men talked with animals.  this is exactly what is depicted in the figurines and vignettes found buried at acambaro mexico in 1947.  they were called earth-born men, and the hand of the Creator was at the helm during that era.  during our time the demigods rule.  this would have been considered heresy to the athenians of plato's day. 
         ive known for some time that a reversal had taken place, but hadnt realized the other was the proper rotation, and more blessed. 
         if a stranger had come among plato and his friends, and gave such a discourse, it would have been natural to learn his name. 
        ' In the fulness of time, when the change was to take place, and the earth-born race had all perished, and every soul had completed its proper cycle of births and been sown in the earth her appointed number of times, the pilot of the universe let the helm go, and retired to his place of view; and then Fate and innate desire reversed the motion of the world. Then also all the inferior deities who share the rule of the supreme power, being informed of what was happening, let go the parts of the world which were under their control. And the world turning round with a sudden shock, being impelled in an opposite direction from beginning to end, was shaken by a mighty earthquake, which wrought a new destruction of all manner of animals. Afterwards, when sufficient time had elapsed, the tumult and confusion and earthquake ceased, and the universal creature, once more at peace, attained to a calm, and settled down into his own orderly and accustomed course, having the charge and rule of himself and of all the creatures which are contained in him, and executing, as far as he remembered them, the instructions of his Father and Creator, more precisely at first, but afterwords with less exactness. The reason of the falling off was the admixture of matter in him; this was inherent in the primal nature, which was full of disorder, until attaining to the present order. From God, the constructor, the world received all that is good in him, but from a previous state came elements of evil and unrighteousness, which, thence derived, first of all passed into the world, and were then transmitted to the animals. While the world was aided by the pilot in nurturing the animals, the evil was small, and great the good which he produced, but after the separation, when the world was let go, at first all proceeded well enough; but, as time went on, there was more and more forgetting, and the old discord again held sway and burst forth in full glory; and at last small was the good, and great was the admixture of evil, and there was a danger of universal ruin to the world, and to the things contained in him. Wherefore God, the orderer of all, in his tender care, seeing that the world was in great straits, and fearing that all might be dissolved in the storm and disappear in infinite chaos, again seated himself at the helm; and bringing back the elements which had fallen into dissolution and disorder to the motion which had prevailed under his dispensation, he set them in order and restored them, and made the world imperishable and immortal. And this is the whole tale, of which the first part will suffice to illustrate the nature of the king. For when the world turned towards the present cycle of generation, the age of man again stood still, and a change opposite to the previous one was the result. '
         im pleased to remind people of this important message given so long ago.  its surprising that our scholars over that 24 centuries have failed to see its importance. 
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      Subject: [Ancient-Mysteries] axis reversal 180 degrees

         plato and sophocles both spoke of a time when the sun rose in the west, and set in the east.  they thought that the rotation of earth had reversed.  it was also said that aging was reversed, and there was a resurrection of the dead. 
         i think they refer to the poleshift of 50,000 bce, when cayce said that the earth rolled over 180 degrees, north became south.  it takes less force for a poleshift, than to reverse the rotation of earth.  when earth rolled over, the rotation was the same as before, but appeared to be reversed, for the sun rose in the west before, afterwards it rose in the east. 
      22. Plato wrote in his dialogue, The Statesman (Politicus): 'I mean the change in the rising and the setting of the sun and the other heavenly bodies, how in those times they used to set in the quarter where they now rise, and they used to rise where they now set..' [Worlds in Collision, p.122]
        ' the world is guided at one time by an external power which is divine and receives fresh life and immortality from the renewing hand of the Creator, and again, when let go, moves spontaneously, being set free at such a time as to have, during infinite cycles of years, a reverse movement: this is due to its perfect balance, to its vast size, and to the fact that it turns on the smallest pivot. ' 
        ' STRANGER: The reversal which takes place from time to time of the motion of the universe.
      YOUNG SOCRATES: How is that the cause?
      STRANGER: Of all changes of the heavenly motions, we may consider this to be the greatest and most complete.
      YOUNG SOCRATES: I should imagine so.
      STRANGER: And it may be supposed to result in the greatest changes to the human beings who are the inhabitants of the world at the time.
      YOUNG SOCRATES: Such changes would naturally occur. '
      STRANGER: And animals, as we know, survive with difficulty great and serious changes of many different kinds when they come upon them at once.
      YOUNG SOCRATES: Very true.
      STRANGER: Hence there necessarily occurs a great destruction of them, which extends also to the life of man; few survivors of the race are left, and those who remain become the subjects of several novel and remarkable phenomena, and of one in particular, which takes place at the time when the transition is made to the cycle opposite to that in which we are now living.
        ' STRANGER: Listen, then. There is a time when God himself guides and helps to roll the world in its course; and there is a time, on the completion of a certain cycle, when he lets go, and the world being a living creature, and having originally received intelligence from its author and creator, turns about and by an inherent necessity revolves in the opposite direction. ' 

      23. According to a short fragment of a historical drama by Sophocles (Atreus), the sun rises in the east only since its course was reversed. 'Zeus ... changed the course of the sun, causing it to rise in the east and not in the west.'" [Worlds in Collision, p.122]

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