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  • mike white
    lets return to the old controversy, of evolution versus creation. my opinion will carry little weight with either side, but i am free to state it. perhaps,
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2013
         lets return to the old controversy, of evolution versus creation.  my opinion will carry little weight with either side, but i am free to state it.  perhaps, it will inspire someone with better credentials, to supply what is lacking. 
         darwin had the right idea to a point, but failed to see the big picture.  he failed to factor in the divine purpose for life.  we are not here to become the best physical creature, but to be the best spirit. 
         mammoth were higher evolved than modern elephants.  even our left-brained scientists must admit that.  the teeth enamel of the mammoth would last far longer than modern elephant species.  the durability of the teeth is the most important factor in elephant longevity. 
         the antediluvian human was larger and more robust.  he had a larger brain pan.  his civilization gave us the mother culture, to which we owe the arts and sciences of today. 
         to thoughtful people, it should be apparent, that humanity has a series of root races.  in each cycle, man begins with a mature culture, falls to a primitive level, then rebuilds to an advanced state. 
         our lads may prefer to have man begin as stone-age, and make a linear progression in culture.  however, in either case, he must fall to a simple level, and begin anew, only to fall again.  Heaven likes to erase all, and give a fresh simple start to each generation. 
         thus, darwin merely spoke of physical life, and then only a portion of its cycle, in my view.  for the test to be fair, each generation must not be corrupted by that before.  thats why they call it the wheel of life, its a cycle.  our short history might be due to the divine plan.  disasters may be a necessary part of that plan. 
         our universities stunt the sciences, by causing students to parrot what earlier teachers taught, instead of encouraging them to think for themselves.  the tenured professors are likewise restrained.  this hurts our search for the truth.   they all spend their lives trying to support with their efforts, faulty theories.  mavericks and free-thinkers are discouraged.  scholars are classed by how thoroughly they support mainstream dogma. 
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