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chronology of migrations into north america

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  • mike white
    fellow antiquarians, may like a chance to muse about the relative arrival times of the tribes. all we can offer is conjecture, and reasons why we adopt
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2013
         fellow antiquarians, may like a chance to muse about the relative arrival times of the tribes.  all we can offer is conjecture, and reasons why we adopt certain views, on this topic.  its an important thing to know.  the earliest tribes, regardless of any retrograde from former high culture, may contain kernels of wisdom from the distant great cultures. 
         unlike the mainstream, i dont believe that our continent was without humanity, until migrations came asia.  that is absurd.  north america was a cradle of humanity, and had a dense high culture long before east asia.  american culture had been in decline for thousands of years, before tribes came north from the andean region. 
         the earth signs of multiple previous disasters, are in plain sight.  horrible floods swept thru the southwest, leaving it swept clean, sometimes stripping away soil from the deposits of the last 120 mya, hundreds of feet.  the former surface is seen on the mesa tops.  we must assume the mighty cause to have been poleshift, or stellar impact.  normally, we might expect that poleshift was the likely cause, but there have been large impacts, and a possible glancing blow in the gulf and caribbean sea. 
         these events could have destroyed all life in their path.  the trees of the great plains, and layers of its soil, were swept away by miles high waves, sweeping north, and depositing the broken remains in alaska and siberia.  this is my take on it. 
         we ask, when did it happen?  our lads would deny it, or say mya.  yet, the explorer club ate roasted mammoth flesh from siberia.  i doubt that the steaks were that old.  the last major event had to have been mere thousands of years ago.  perhaps, only 5,000 years ago. 
         it appeared to me, that there has been little accumulation of space dirt layers, atop the current surface, since the last event.  up to one foot of space dirt falls to earth per century. 
         the usa west, and midwest, has been stripped of life, in the not too distant past.  portions had been swept by waves, leaving salt pools and flats, in the west.  the midwest was likely seabed more recently than thought, and in separate events.  the records in the earth, will have many blank pages, with old high cultures, separated by marine deposits, before man again established himself.  in those two-thirds of the country, the human deposits will be separated by disaster layers.  a finely wrought, gold chain was found in a lump of coal in oklahoma. 
         peru had been densely populated from the earliest time.  several factors caused them to migrate north.  the populations thrived there, and growth beyond the production of food, sent tribes north.  every time a cordillera uplifted, it cut food production, sending more tribes north.  inca expansion may have sent the last wave of migrants north. 
         we might expect that some of the aborigine tribes, native to north america, not destroyed by the disaster events, have persisted from mya.  perhaps some races of mexico, the eskimoes, and the old tribe living in a desert within the grand canyon, may be among the oldest cultures, now extant.  the flat head tribe could be among the earliest.  more came north, than from asia, in my opinion.  in fact, i think most traffic thru bering, was from america to asia. 
         the native american tribes, do recognize certain other tribes, as being among the first nations in north america.  the hopi and lenapes, likely are in that group.  i need to read more from the tribes, to see what they have written. 
         our continent has obvious proofs of multiple disaster events.  there were many glacial advances, that wiped the record of life clean off the surface.  total destruction erased cultures, after a time, the ice and seas left the land, and men out of necessity moved back in, no doubt with trepidation, and fear of another event. 
         there is reason to think that most arrived thru mexico into our southwest.  branching out north and east, after better watered lands.  the cherokee, seemed to have arrived in our southeast.  they still used the blowgun upon arrival in usa.  maybe the chirique of panama, are remnants of that migration north, who stayed there, when others continued north into the carolinas. 
         thru discussion we might expand upon these thoughts ...
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