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ramases chronology

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  • mike white
    wikipedia says ramases two was the pharaoh usually associated with moses. the next reign was by his 13th son by his second wife. none of the pharaohs who
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2012
          wikipedia says ramases two was the pharaoh usually associated with moses.  the next reign was by his 13th son by his second wife.  none of the pharaohs who followed had as long a reign as ramases two.  its as if the sed festival regeneration became a lost art after ramases two.  the ramases before him also had short reigns. 
         it looks as though the gp and giza complex were built after the return of the priest ra ta from exile.  his youth and vitality was then restored.  ramases two took advantage of the gp also.  we are not given how long ra ta lived after his return.  i suspect that his return was during the reign of those rulers before ramases two.  he may not have lived long after ramases two took over.  the bones or mummy of ra ta may have been deposited in kv5. 
         cayce reported that the sons of heth came out of caanan and removed the pyramidion from the top of the great pyramid.  this was after the exodus of 5500 bce, of course.  it was of gold alloy, and was likely melted down.  this theft probably ended regeneration in the gp.  all of humanity was harmed by this crime. 
         ramases two outlived every person in egypt, and apparently chose not to share the workings of the gp in the sed festival.  later pharaohs thought that running in a circle after a bull would give them long life. 
         the population of cairo has expanded far to the west across the nile.  their homes likely cover ancient cities.  other pyramids and an atlantean city were built between the sphinx and the nile.  the temple of sacrifice and the temple beautiful may be under these modern structures.  much could be learned from the ruins of the ancient hospital, now under the sands. 
         when egypt gets a progressive leadership, perhaps they will begin to remove the sands, or tunnel at giza and eastward, and uncover more of their wonderful history.  most of what we know comes from manetho, who wrote during the ptolemy era.  we need info from before ramases two, to be sure that history wasnt corrupted. 
         Ra was a Sun God, no different than Aten.  worship didnt change much after akhenaten, but power was returned to the temple priests. 
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