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angkor tom

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  • mike white
    i have used google earth, and the photos added to its program, to study angkor wat. angkor tom is larger than angkor wat. this image was part of an older
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2012
         i have used google earth, and the photos added to its program, to study angkor wat.  angkor tom is larger  than angkor wat.  this image was part of an older temple, that was within the walls of angkor tom, and north of the center temple. 
         this is the only example of writing that  ive found at the complex.  the image is high resolution, and can be enlarged to read or identify the script.  the guide said it was sanskrit, but i have not verified that yet.  anyone with further information is invited to comment. 
         the structures appear to be on our modern cardinal directions.  this tends to support dating them after 3100 bce.   the heavy patina seems to contradict that.  i feel certain they are over a thousand years old, and the current dating is wrong.  it makes me wonder if there was a time long before 3100 bce, when the cardinal directions were the same as now. 
         when we look at the palace of minnos at knossus on crete, it is oriented as expected, as it was before 10,000 bce.  it shares the same cardinal directions as the early phase at amarna. 
         the atlanteans and the minoans would have been awed and humbled by the works at angkor.  our lads claim it was built in the dark ages, circa 1000 ce. 
         we cant be certain that the inscribed stone was original to the site, or added later.  its odd that other writing has not been found.  it was common for later kings to claim they were the builders of mighty works that preceded them. 
         perhaps angkor dates to closer to 17,000 bce, and was ruled by india.  a time before writing became necessary. 
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