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Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] ica stone curator

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  • mike white
    i refer you to the book written by dr cabrera, messages of the ica stones , or something like that. excerpts are available online. i didnt see any tablets or
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 4, 2012
         i refer you to the book written by dr cabrera, 'messages of the ica stones', or something like that.  excerpts are available online. 
         i didnt see any tablets or writing on the stones.  certan protocols were followed in their creation, but i think there were generations of authors.  dozens of topics or themes were depicted.  there were series dedicated to a common theme, each adding more detail.  generally, the theme was began on a small stone, with the size increasing, as greater detail was given. 
         there were some carved wooden relics, similar to totem poles, at the museum.  one was depicted in my photo.  note that the human head at the top was bearded. 
         unfortunately, it is impossible to capture the full message of a stone with a photo.  artists are needed to project the 3d message on to a flat drawing. 
         for most of us, the first impression, would be that they are simplistic drawings, and meaningless.  however, when examined by an expert in the field shown, more important info can be gleaned. 
         those concerning organ transplant, begin by showing stem cells from a new birth being used to prevent rejection.  we only discovered that in recent times. 
         its good that sr cabrera has began to add screens or wire mesh to his shelves, to prevent a quake from causing the stones to fall to the floor and smash. 
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      Thanks for sharing the detail on your trip and photo of the warehouse with dr Cabrera.

      Schuster also described use of continuous lines in other tribal art and discussed the ancestrial symbolism. He showed each line as heritage, each point where the lines cross as a generation, and then showed the entire figure as a clan symbol. Where they part of an ancestral shrine?

      Did The Ica stones catalog include tablets? Did these relics appear to have similar manufacturing styles?

      On Sun, Nov 4, 2012 12:26 AM EDT mike white wrote:

      > this is the son of dr cabrera at warehouse number 2. he and his sister put lots of time, effort, and funds to preserve the ica stones. he gave me and my associates on the groups a warm welcome to visit his museum. its not always open, i tried for three days before catching an appointment. i had no luck by phone.
      > as stated before, the ica stones are created by continuous lines, like the figures at nazca. the nazca lines must imitate the technique of the older ica stones.
      > sr cabrera says he has 11,000 stones, but 50,000 ica stones were carried to other countries.
      > it was gratifying to hold a few stones in my hands, especially the first stone given to dr cabrera.
      > its a joke to think that anyone would create such a hoax, with so much labor, and so little return. im confident that they are true relics, but modern imitations probably can be bought.

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