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  • mike white
    ... From: michael To: Ancient-Mysteries@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2012 12:44 AM Subject: [Ancient-Mysteries] andes hi folks my vacation in the
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      From: michael
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      hi folks

      my vacation in the andes is winding down, just 4 days to go.
      i saw something interesting between puno and cuzco. it was a inactive volcano, i was over 13,000 ft, so it may have been 15,000 ft tall. the sides were covered with pillow lava! the eruption had begun under the sea, and then uplift occured. based on the material ejected, it appears to have been the last event for that volcano.
      it is another physical proof of elevator plate activity in the andes. paleo-magnetic core samples may reveal the approximate date of the event.

      other: from my room in puno, between the regular protests and demonstrations, religious parades, and mobile loudspeakers hawking goods, i heard a beautiful tune, as if from a pipe organ. imagine my surprise to see it was a garbage truck!

      we normally consider that the incas built the terraces, but strangely the slopes around cuzco are not terraced. they are more prevalent in the regions formerly occupied by the aymara. it could be that most of the terraces pre-date the incas, and could be over 12,000 years old.
      the aymara are said to be the offspring of the lemurians. they had an advanced culture over 50,000 years ago, and have degraded. according to dr tschudi, the aymara shared the antediluvian anatomy, having dolichocephalic skulls. they have mixed less with other races, but their anatomy has become more modern over time. it would be interesting to know more of their lost history. since the aymara are indigenous to peru, we might expect that much of the terraces and aquaducts were their work.
      its possible that the altiplano fell below the sea and was uplifted as recently as 3100 bce. titicaca then covered much of their cultivated lands, and the new elevation could not support a dense population. cayce has peruvians going to the yucatan at that time to begin the mayan culture. de la vega confirms that yucatan was an inca province. this recent date for the uplift is contrary to mainstream dogma, but seems to fit the physical terrain, the mystic reports, and andean legends. their proofs are not compelling. they measure the small current uplift, and assume that the rate was always constant. we have nazca lines on the bed of salt lakes.


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