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Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] review : 'atlantis in the amazon' by wingate

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  • mike white
    panecillo, is an older section of quito. landscape features, like tunnels for drainage, and other structures, some machines of unknown purpose, black with the
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         panecillo, is an older section of quito.  landscape features, like tunnels for drainage, and other structures, some machines of unknown purpose, black with the ages, dot the land.   
         author met a man named estan in cali columbia, who claimed that he found crespi's cave, the treasure trove of the shuara headhunters.  could this tradition of taking heads, have been adopted from that depicted on the ancient relics?  lots of gold and other relics remained.  one metal throne, decorated with gemstones, large enough for a giant, but light enough for a lady to lift was there.  a strong aluminum alloy would be very useful.  it looked like tin. 
         wingate later in a bar in el salvador, met a farmer, who offered to sell him a ceramic artifact brought up by his plow.  it was a six inch model of a wingless aircraft. 
         the abundance of metal sheet wall hangings, and mystical plaques, strongly indicates that they were pulled from the walls of a temple.  if it was made of stone, most of it would have survived a fire, and might be worth searching for.  im guessing that it would be close to a river, like the napo.  if there was a temple, there was probably a colony.  much more phoenician and assyrian artifacts may be found.  it was likely a wealthy high culture, some wonderful relics may lie below.  perhaps that tribe of javaro or shuara has been in the area for ages. 
         [ we have members living in the andes.  i feel the region is unstable seismically, and would remind people that it is risky to remain in the andes long-term.  it doesnt take much imbalance in the forces of earth, to cause the plates of the andes to drop or uplift suddenly.  this being 2012, it would not hurt to have an escape plan, and be ready to go on short notice.  it is one of the richest places on earth, in metals and ancient cultural deposits.  it could have been continuously occupied for several million years.  but now and then, millions died suddenly.  cayce told of a man who went up on the mountain to study, and witnessed all below perishing with little warning.  ]
         [ the number of former comets resting in the oort cloud is huge.  this is the distance these objects are thrown by the slingshot effect of the sun.  it proves that thru time there was a constant threat from near approaches or collisions of comets with the earth.  just passing thru the tail of a comet, could flood seacoasts.  the passing gravity pull, could uplift or drop plates, or cause tsunamis. ]
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