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crespi relics

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  • mike white
    to me, several of the relics in the crespi collection, had an assyrian influence. this doesnt surprise me, for tyre fell under assyrian rule probably several
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2012
         to me, several of the relics in the crespi collection, had an assyrian influence.  this doesnt surprise me, for tyre fell under assyrian rule probably several times in history and prehistory.  both nations had magyar roots.  we are given in scripture that voyages from tyre traded with ophir.  if that lost land actually referred to itself as ophir, there may be hope of finding proof in ecuador.  if enough of the inscribed stones can be relocated and studied, the inscriptions may be trans-literated.  what a cruel thing was done to this pious old padre, after he devoted a lifetime of service to the people of ecuador.  they didnt even wait until he died, before the vultures swooped in.  someone should be held accountable!  all of mankind suffered an irreplacable loss.  had our lads showed proper scientific interest in these relics during the decades that they were in public view, they may have rewritten human history, and corrected fallacies of geology. 
         i ordered the book by wingate.  pictures of the relics may be all we will have now to study.  author reported that barry fell determined that proto phoenician script was used among the relics. 
         the valdivian culture was said to be the earliest high culture of ecuador.  we must look there to see if there is a connection to ophir.  im just learning about it.  so far, ive only found that it extended toward the coast and libertad peninsula.  im unsure if their relics range as far as cuenca and quito.  it may change my earlier views that the rivers were used by the phoenicians to reach ophir.  if that were true, one might expect to find a fortress and trading houses with warehouses in the oriente.  if the rivers were used, the trade could have continued, but ive seen nothing compelling to indicate a phoenician presence in the andes after 3100 bce.   its as if the trade and contact was stopped suddenly.  the records of tyre may have been lost after the city was destroyed by alexander.  since the assyrians were involved, records of the voyages to ophir may yet be found.  their records written in cuneiform on baked clay tablets have withstood the ages, and more info may yet turn up. 
         our experts have little basis for their dating of tyre or ninevah, and i believe they are far older.  nimrod and noah were contemporaries, both refugees from the second destruction of atlantis, circa 26,000 bce.  their children spread civilization, and divided the world between themselves during the age of silver.  no doubt but they had contact with each other, and knew of the other's colonies.  the sons of noah chose ophir.  cayce said that peru had atlanteans by 40,000 bce, so both families were likely aware of its location and resources.  its not surprising that both contended for a share in its resources.  silver and tin were in high demand in that age.  i bet they had a silver alloy that held an edge, and didnt tarnish. 
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