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    the three authors of this book differ considerably from the disaster event that i have theorized, but offer some interesting points. they contend that the
    Message 1 of 4 , May 1, 2012
         the three authors of this book differ considerably from the disaster event that i have theorized, but offer some interesting points.  they contend that the same event sunk atlantis, and caused the megafauna kill-off, that they date circa 11,300 bce. 
      book preview
         these authors also cite the peppering of megafauna bones with iron particles.  a previous book told of megafauna remains that had these marks, but they had died circa 38,000 bce, and had been uncovered by a flood, before being blasted by these particles.  so we need to have a date on when the animal died, and for the event that caused the impacts of its bones. 
         [ this brings to mind a possible scenario that has yet to be discussed.  we know that the core of planets are often iron-nickel, and that many of the meteorites that impact earth are of this material.  i think that it is possible that some cosmic collisions could send into space billions of these small metallic fragments, at incredible velocity, of several thousand miles per hour.  normally, the atmosphere of the earth creates enough heat of entry, to turn these projectiles into red clay.  however, if a large body impacted earth, these iron projectiles could be hurled out from the epicenter, like a shotgun blast, through air or water, and produce the effects found on mammoth bones.  im pleased that these marks on bones were identified as iron.  if im correct, it should be easy to find plentiful iron-nickel debris on the ring of islands in the eastern caribbean sea.  enough to indicate that the huge crater on the seafloor resulted from an impact, with vulcanism a secondary effect of the event. ] 
    • aumsparky@earthlink.net
      alice : milford is 270 ft asl, it could be safer at paxton, ma 1100ft, just nw of you. at the topper dig in sc, they report the clovis level of 13,000 years
      Message 2 of 4 , May 7, 2012
           alice : milford is 270 ft asl, it could be safer at paxton, ma  1100ft, just nw of you. 
           at the topper dig in sc, they report the clovis level of 13,000 years ago, within two feet from the surface.  6ft below the clovis strata, they found a campfire that tested radio-carbon dead, meaning it over over 50,000 years old. 
           [ bartram traveled this region in 1773, and reported pottery deposits washing from the savanah river banks, from a deeper strata than what they claim for clovis.  these have yet to be rediscovered.  could pottery in the southeast be older than clovis?  the tribes in pioneer times didnt use pottery in the southeast, as far as i know.  its possible that below the 50,000 year old level, more advanced relics may be found.  cayce told of lemurians making an entry in that era.  the excavators should spend some time in canoe, examining the riverbanks for relics. ] 
           [ as for the lack of sign of early occupants in the lower midwest, another reason for this is it being tornado alley.  hunter-gatherers likely learned to avoid the region during the long season when these storms were prevalent.  the southeast coast was empty during the yearly hurricane season.  this may be why there was a lack of longterm settlements in threatened regions. ] 
            authors posit a supernova event involved in the disaster they date to 13,000 bce.  yet, the excavators at topper were confident that the region continued to be occupied long after clovis times. 
            mysteryblack-glass particles were found at topper in the clovis layer. 
           below is a aerial photo of impacts at myrtle beach sc.  2/3 of a county in nc is covered by these.  to me, its clear that the southeast had numerous impacts, that accounts for the red clay deposits.  im surprised that the authors didnt select this region for the focal point of their event, instead of central canada, where no impact site has been identified.  for the craters to be so pristine, and uneroded, my guess is these impacts are more recent than 13,000 bce.  this area gets heavy rains, yet the rims are still distinct.  the seafloor off the carolina coast also has these anomalies.  this is the first that ive heard of craters on the land in this area.  i may want to drive there and take a look. 
      • aumsparky@earthlink.net
        the craters of the carolinas seem much more important, yet are little discussed. its reported there are hundreds of thousands of impact craters, all facing
        Message 3 of 4 , May 9, 2012
             the craters of the carolinas seem much more important, yet are little discussed.  its reported there are hundreds of thousands of impact craters, all facing the same way, indicating one event may account for all of them.  they are more concentrated along the coast of the carolinas and offshore.  to illustrate how our lads have handled them, one scientist said that the craters on the seafloor were caused by fish in them swishing their tails!!!  red clay prevails thru ga, sc, and nc, and has deep deposits on the mountain sides up to 3,000 ft elevation.  it would take a mighty tsunami, or an incredible amount of meteoric fallout to deposit this mass of iron based clay. 
             sorry for dead space, i chose not to have my font altered.  i dont know why our lads delay acknowledging them as impact craters, since it is so obvious, all have debris thrown up on the same side.  such of an event likely killed off all life over thousands of square miles.  red clay is soluable and water carried, for it to remain on the land now, it points to a fairly recent date for this major cosmic event. 
             i have not studied the other continents as deeply as i have north america, so uncertain if there is similar evidence for several major disasters in recent geological time there.  the many disasters in america must have depopulated entire regions time after time, its no wonder that so many are quick to conclude the continent had no people until recent times.   an impact is like an atomic bomb, with fire, air blast, then massive tsunamis.  imagine hundreds of thousands of these occuring near the same time up the eastern seaboard.  the tsunamis leave inland seas in every basin.  then heavy rainfall over months as it evaporates.  the precipitation falling in the north could cause a little ice age.  the effects could last for decades or centuries.   
        • aumsparky@earthlink.net
          seismic studies predict an impact crater in chesapeake bay. the great dismal swamp may turn out to be an impact crater. author said there are indications of
          Message 4 of 4 , May 9, 2012
                seismic studies predict an impact crater in chesapeake bay.  the great dismal swamp may turn out to be an impact crater.  author said there are indications of an impact in the depths of lake michigan.  unlike the moon, trees, undergrowth, and water, often obscures impact sites on earth - but as can be seen, they are plentiful. 
               modern roofs will not offer much protection from these objects, the caves of our ancestors were much safer.  the impacts of shoemaker-levy on jupiter in 1994 should convince anyone that these events still occur. 
               [ the band of impact craters from ga to ny causes me to think that the line of impacts may have been parallel to the equator when the event happened.  the 1994 event with jupiter illustrates my meaning.  the chain of objects laid a line of impacts as jupiter turned.  we can plot approximately where the north pole was then, somewhere in siberia.  amarna and karnak have buildings oriented toward those cardinal directions.  the cosmic debris originated from the same point in space, so comes in as a chain of objects in line.  to escape destruction, people would head north or south of the line of impacts, never west.  thus, the earliest impacts of that event were in new england, the last in florida.  these are my conclusions, not the authors. ]
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