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Fw: [Ancient-Mysteries] catlin: 'lifted and subsided rocks of america' - impact tsunami

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         our scientists only recently could believe that rocks fall from space.  it was 1908 before barringer finally convinced our lads that the crater in az was from a meteorite impact. 
      Meteor Cr...
         its only been about 100 years since scientists were able to see that this crater was an impact, and not a volcano.  so we should not expect them to recognize this new discovery as valid. 
          here is a picture of a large lunar crater.  its rim is sharp, and it looks very recent. 
       large impacts are not always from mya. 
         catlin cites traditions of the tribes of the south, 'the water was seen coming in waves like mountains from the east'.  the whole region sank, including the gulf of mexico, and the caribbean sea.  it has rebounded somewhat.  proof is found at palenque and uxmal, that they had lain on the seafoor for thousands of years.  he cites the salt and marine deposits that tsunamis could have brought ashore. 
         bourbourg translated a toltec codice, 'teo amoxtli', a history of the cataclysm of the antilles.  volcanic convulsions for four days and nights. 
        [ the oil wells of venezuela and tar on trinidad support the idea that forest land has been covered by the seabed.  an impact of that great mass could have broken plates.  he presents much evidence that the caribbean sea had been dry land.  ]
         the weight of water when the sea invades the land as tsunamis, can depress the plate, so that the sea retains the land. 
         he rightly says that travel at behring straits could have just as easy been east to west. 
         in his travels he visited 120 native american tribes.  the central and southern tribes tell of two great floods. 

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