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new technology for remote viewing

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    Cahuachi peru, the ruins near the nazca lines. our lads say it thrived 100 bce to 500 ce, but i think that is ridiculous. this could be the oldest culture
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16 10:12 PM
         Cahuachi peru, the ruins near the nazca lines.   our lads say it thrived 100 bce to 500 ce, but i think that is ridiculous.  this could be the oldest culture yet found on earth. 
         the ica stones depicted some of the same designs shown on the nazca lines.  the textiles of paracas did also.  there is reason to think that these nearby sites are from one and the same culture, and it was so long ago, that dinosaurs were still extant, not 65 mya, but easily 65,000 years or more. 
         the adobe technology may have been developed first by the nazca culture.  the tumi tool for trepanation was probably their design, and technique.  after the great quake and flood in the south, the remnant of this people may have moved north to become the moche and chimu, where many similarities can be seen.  after the poleshift circa 50,000 bce, the climate at nazca became desert, while the north coast was well-watered. 
         btw, it was a big mistake to fell all the forests near ica, for timber for mining and railroads.  they should have replanted for each tree cut.  the rivers run dry soon after the hills lose their forest. 
         this new technology for seeing structures below the soil looks very promising, and im anxious to read what the excavations uncover.  such a high culture so far back may yield some incredible relics. 
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