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  • mike white
    perhaps the oldest form of writing was cupmarks. they are found in the uk, and always a mystery, until now. see waylands smithy below, how the marks
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         perhaps the oldest form of writing was cupmarks.  they are found in the uk, and always a mystery, until now.  see waylands smithy below, how the marks indicated stars of the zodiac.  it seems they found this to be true at over a hundred sites. 
         knowledge of the virtues of the stars is of the highest order.  they may have been content to lead a simple or primitive life, but they were wise. 
         waylands smithy could be a date written in permanent form.  we need to know which was the polestar then, probably not polaris.  i think the researchers have not finished their work, until they determine the polestar then, as seen at local midnight.  it may have been thuba, with ursa major one side, and ursa minor the other. 
         programs exist to look at the stars as they were thousands of years ago, red shift for one.  the constellations have changed their shape somewhat over time.  if the uk was in the southern hemisphere before 50,000 bce, then the signs depicted would be of southern constellations.  if they solved one like this, it would startle them,  pointing at the coal sack. 
         cupmarks could date waaaay back in time.  i hope its true that we can trace star patterns of constellations from them.  it will be amazing if the constellations as we know them now, were the same then.  i think we credit thales for them. 
         we should be aware that sometimes we credit the wrong source for such things.  the pythagorean theorem was received by pythagorus during his 22 years in egypt.  the stars and zodiacs were known in egypt, india, mexico, and babylon long before thales.  we thank him for passing it along to us.  the chaldean astrology was the best said cayce.  astrology should rank among the highest wisdom, shame on our lads for failing to note its importance.  our generation fails to take a place among the highest cultures of all time, imho. 
         i will try to research cupmarks to see which constellations were indicated.  i have a fair knowledge of the signs, with access to better sources, so hope to find results. 
         we shouldnt feel bad for overlooking cupmark significance for over 2000 years.  look how long it took to see orions belt at giza.  so much wisdom was lost, not even suspected as being great truths.  the iron wand of the priest in the 'opening the mouth' ritual of egypt depicted ursa major.  lets hope the records of egypt remain safe, and that someday man can progress and learn from them.  they lasted at least 50,000 years, so it would be a tragedy if they were destroyed within the last 2,000 years.  within giza are records that cover the history of egypt and atlantis.  cayce said man had high wisdom by 10.5 mya, when world sages met in upper egypt.  our 5000 years of history are a few pages in the book of life.  perhaps stone-age mankind also inhabited the earth at the same time, but in the great cities there was high culture.  if we were satisfied with examining the wild places, we might come to different conclusions, which our experts did. 
         probably noahs flood destroyed the buildings and monuments prior to 26,000 bce.  we probably have found and misdated structures built as long ago as 26,000 bce. 
         if as cayce said the great pyramid was built in 100 years circa 10,000 bce, then the other lesser pyramids were built before then, for it would humble a pharaoh to build less than the kings before him.  cayce said a pyramid in upper egypt dated circa 10 mya, with records within its crumbling pile.  so much for writing learned circa 3,000 bce. 
      question all that you have been taught. 
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