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Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] cro magnon

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  • CJ Mason
    Oh, if we were only allowed to know know the truth. What a different world this would be. Then one must ask the question, why the cover-up. cj
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 14, 2010
      Oh, if we were only allowed to know know the truth.  What a different world this would be.  Then one must ask the question, why the cover-up.


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          start here with some material that i compiled.  see the link to the 'oera de linda' book on the frisians. 
         we cannot prove that telepathy was used, but from the story of babel, and cayce, i believe it was commonly used before 25,000 bce.  how else could man all over the globe have one language? 
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      Hi Mike

      I am sorry for not participating more in the mailing list, but english is not my mother tongue. I understand nearly everything you write, but it is not easy for me to express in my own words.

      Related to cromagnon issue, i thought that Nenanderthal race was the one who could use telpathy. I did not know that Cromagnon could.

      In the other way, i read you a lot about frisian empire. I also did not know about it. I know that there were frisian languages realted (dutch, etc) but where in time and space where located frisian Empire?

      Could you tell me some books or webpages where i would able to read about it?

      I am also interested in Cayce readings about basque language....

      El 13/07/2010, a las 20:35, mike white escribió:



          those that read the link will have seen that cro magnon wasnt as primitive as we had been led to believe.  the post holes point to them living in houses, the sewing needles indicate they wore clothing, and many of them were farmers.  their presence on the islands of the atlantic suggests that they had boats, and likely came from the west.  they had used a spear thrower or atlatl, a weapon unique to atlantis and the americas.  it was found in egypt after the red pharaohs ruled there.  their cave art and funeral rites are more commonly known.  their lack of writing is no loss in an age when telepathy could have been widely used.  its time that we viewed cro magnon in a different light. 
         even more advanced cultures likely coexisted with cro magnon in mexico, peru, bolivia, egypt, india, etc.  at the appearance of cro magnon, humanity had been almost wiped out by the great deluge, caused by the poleshift of circa 26,000 bce.  the families of noah and nimrod were builing cities, and replanting people and culture around the world. 
         i wonder if the female or matriarchal dominated societies evolved from cro magnon roots.  the archaic fertility women idols were found in their territory, and the lines of noah and nimrod appear to be male dominated.  the frisian empire, led by earth-mothers was centered in the same region. 
         as yet, nothing deters me from believing that cro magnon may have been the uneducated field workers of atlantis, displaced by the flood.  the leading branches of humanity had relocated elsewhere.   civilization had suffered from the bottleneck, and was slowly rebuilding. 
         i bet it would take a huge volume just to list the near global disasters that have befell humanity down thru the ages, if you allowed one line each. 

    • mike white
      i find it extremely interesting that cro magnon man used an atlatl, or spear thrower. in my opinion this is an ice-age big game weapon developed and used in
      Message 2 of 5 , Jul 19, 2010
           i find it extremely interesting that cro magnon man used an atlatl, or spear thrower.  in my opinion this is an ice-age big game weapon developed and used in the americas. 
           they had a spear thrower in egypt probably after the rule of the atlantean red race pharaohs.  it was an import, just as was the boomerang. 
           as far as i know, atlatls were not found in asia.  those early hunters did not come from asia. 
           i am surprised that the atlatl was already in use by 25,000 bce. 
           in this case i include atlantis when i say the americas.  the weapon may have been first used in atlantis.  it was a needed and effective weapon to hunt megafauna.  it was a brilliant invention! 
           its almost certain that cro magnon had atlantis or the americas as place of origin.  large islands of atlantis were reportedly sunk near the sargasso sea, circa 26,000 bce, the great deluge.  this could have been the homeland of cro magnon, perhaps formerly used as field slaves. 
           cayce said 'things' that were created by the atlanteans as slaves, escaped to europe and west africa near 26,000 bce. 
           he also said that about 50,000 bce, atlanteans migrated to the pyrenees, becoming the basque.  the basque and cro magnon occupied the same territory.  i begin to think they were the same people.  the white clay of calais should be examined for the early writing of the basque. 
            the question arises, then what happened to the things?  who were they?  neanderthals roamed europe over a 100,000 years before cro magnon, so not them.  maybe they were the cyclops of the greeks, but that was much later. 
           the atlatl gave cro magnon a great advantage over neanderthal.  they were probably able to drive them out of the pyrenees. 
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