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Re: megaliths

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    Manuel, you will find all sorts of information and photos in the files and photos links on the left side of the page here. Russel Burrows posted here for a
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      Manuel, you will find all sorts of information and photos in the files and photos links on the left side of the page here. Russel Burrows posted here for a while a few years ago and you can find those posts in the archived messages. Mike has posted a great deal on the Crespi Collection and you will find numerous posts on that subject also in the archived messages.
      Yours truly,
      David Campbell

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      > There are information about ancient interoceanic relationship...about sumerians and hittites in South America, etc etc etc
      > Do you have information (non typical) about burrows cave???--photos, books, etc???
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      >  a word on the megalithic builders. i dont believe much is known of them with any certainty. there is lots written, but mostly conjecture, with little substance to support it. that being said, my thoughts are as valid as the others. i invite other opinions, but please do your own thinking, and only cite others, when their views have some facts.Â
      >   the megaliths could be much older than thought. they seem to be more prevalent around the atlantic basin, with concentrations in western europe, and new england.Â
      >   im inclined to believe that most of the older constructions may have built by the atlanteans. i dont mean the later atlanteans of circa 10,000 bce, but an earlier race of giants. we need to determine if the megaliths could have survived the action of glaciers, either due to their location, or sturdy construction.  its possible that later generations copied some of the earlier works. we must not mix up these with the older ones. so glacial action may help us to determine which could have been built before the last ice age.Â
      >   the next possible way to date them relatively is by looking for monuments that were pushed over by tsunamis. our facts are too limited on ancient events that may have caused tsunamis. perhaps the best info is from the mystics as to some of these. it will only be accepted by a few. cayce dated the great deluge to circa 26,000 bce, that was caused by a poleshift, triggered by an explosion near what is now the sargasso sea. any megaliths then standing around the atlantic basin might have been pushed away from the sea. the next event given was the poleshift of near 10,000 bce. this also likely produced tsunamis and some lands subsided. no doubt there were other unknown events that produced tsunamis in the atlantic. the raised beaches of argentina point to this. undersea quakes, and volcanic landslides are other possible triggers. an unknown number of these events probably happened between 50,000 bce and 3000 bce. it may be
      > difficult to differentiate between them.Â
      >   in any case, its silly to try to date megaliths from pottery shards and charcoal found near them. even their orientation offers little help, because we do not know the cardinal points for the various ages. they have changed three times since luxor and karnak were built.Â
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      > mike
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