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  • mike white
    more member participation would be nice. we have fascinating subjects to discuss. i realize that my views are not shared by the majority. other members
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2010
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         more member participation would be nice.  we have fascinating subjects to discuss. 
         i realize that my views are not shared by the majority.  other members should feel free to start a thread. 
         while using google earth awhile back, i happened to scan oklahoma from a higher altitude, and noticed what looked to me like signs that the arkansas river once flowed further south thru oklahoma.  the terrain seemed gouged out in west-east direction passed wilburton and heavener.  this made me wonder if the relics found in that region had been deposited by people who came in by river. 
         firsthand on the ground experience beats looking via google earth, so i place it before the group to see what others think.  i havent read enough reports by geologists to know what they have said about that river having changed course in recent times. 
         imho, its fairly certain that portions of tx and ok had been seabed not so long ago.  the red clay, and so many missing pieces of the fossil record, point to that conclusion.  i think we will find that human habitation was much longer and more continuous in nm than in tx and ok.  the presence of coal and oil indicate caps over organic matter laid down by former seas.  the erosion i noted may have been from seas washing on or off the land. 
         much of what ive seen in my travels across america suggests that much of the land is unstable, and these mysteries have not been explained adequately by our geologists, who are muddled by gradualism and a mya dating perspective. 
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