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Fw: [Ancient-Mysteries] 65mya?

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         its not cool to put anyone on the spot, so lets open this discussion to the group.  lets look at the basis for believing all dinosaurs went extinct 65 mya, if one can be found. 
         the fact, at several sites around the world, a bone deposit was found, containing the remains of large reptiles that we call dinosaurs.  actually, they are fossil beds.  a fossil bed is a snapshot of time, laid down in ancient times, we can say generally at least 3,000 years ago.  the likely cause of these rare fossil deposits on a global scale, imho, is an axis shift, or poleshift.  its the huge waves over continents that can leave such deposits.  this wave based detritus has been found
         our lads compared the formations, and determined these dinosaur fossil beds were below the k-t boundary.  they dated the event to 65 mya.  what if these high waves rolled over the continents in 50,000 bce, and swept away the deposits that lay above the k-t border, then deposited the water-borne remains of dinosaurs? 
         after all, today the exposed surface on the rim of the grand canyon was laid about 125 mya, yet on it modern people have made grafitti, and lost objects.  future experts may conclude the kodak wrapper was dropped 125 mya.  on the current surface of the earth can be found exposed formations from all periods, going back billions of years.  as can be seen, the logic of using rock formations for dating disaster events is flawed.  better to attempt to date the disaster that caused the fossil beds. 
         this k-t boundary layer is often near the present surface of the earth.  this as a rule should not be for 65mya, on a planet that grows continuously from falling space debris.   
          so there seems to be little reliable evidence to date the great kill-off of the dinosaurs to 65mya, and even less to connect it with the crater off yucatan.  yet our experts are pleased with these two theories. 
         they cling to them despite finding thousands of inscribed stones, thousands more of teracotta figures, cave and rock drawings, and actual footprints in rock, of men with dinosaurs, or more exact large reptiles, thought long extinct before man.  go figure!

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