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Fw: [Ancient-Mysteries] book review : 'a dweller on two planets', by phylos

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         the conquest of india interests me.  on p167 it tells how atlantis took india as a colony with no bloodshed circa 11,155 bce.  earlier it mentioned a war between the two about 11,500 bce, in which atlantis was defeated or repulsed.  im trying to fit this history in with that given by cayce, and that written in india.  cayce said ram conquered india about 150,000 bce.  the vedas seem to tell of them losing a terrible high-tech war to rama.  i can only conclude that the advanced warfare was one and the same, circa 150,000 bce.  this is far earlier than experts give as 3000 bce, or the 10,000 bce i had thought. 
         the book gives that the mighty power of india left with the death of its king ernon.  atlantis anticipated the event and sent phylos as envoy to proclaim india as a colony when the death occurred.  it seems incredible that they entrusted as envoy to a lad of 22 or so, with no experience. 
         no mention has yet been made of tibet and the gobi being great independent kingdoms, as i thought they were in that period.  it merely said all of asia was part of the suerni empire. 
         east indies were colonies of suern called uz. 
         at least part of the andes had already uplifted.  he says peru would be a refuge to atlanteans in 800 years more.  peru was the source of atlantean quarries and mineral wealth.  he says east of the andes were regularly planted groves of rubber trees, brought from atlantis.   amazon was dyked, and brazil had plantations. 
         he predicts the mississippi will flood the lowlands of the lower midwest. 
         'walk the cruciform way.' 
         isthmus of panama was then 400 miles wide. 
         he says the natives of north america came in boats, some from asia. 
         they mined the superior copper.  also found silver there.  glaciers persisted there much more recently than moderns think. 
         nevada and utah had great fresh water lakes, with ice bergs on the great salt lake's north shore. 
         arizona was covered by a great inland sea then, called 'miti'.  'those gorges and stupendous canons are not merely the gradual product of time and water and weather.'  'they are of sudden formation'.  'the result of an awful dance of the solid crust of the globe'.  during the melee the sea rushed off into the gulf of california.  he saw the inland sea 12,000 years ago from vailx. 
         atlantean colonies were in arizona, and they had cattle ranches in the mississippi valley.  probably bison were their cattle. 
         city of tolta was on the shore of lake miti.  great salt lake was called ui.  on a tall peak near ui were the remains of a building made of heavy slabs of granite, with only vailx for access.  professor hayden found the ruins, and correctly guessed their age. 
         they visited the atlantean copper mines at lake superior.  'we were conducted in electric trams through the labyrinth of galleries and tunnels.'  they had the hard tempered copper there. 
         most populous and important atlantean colonies were west of the rocky mts.  maine had a colony also. 
         vailx going north or south cut the earth currents, and so had a top speed of but 100 mph.  so they tacked like a sailor. 
         suerni had 85 million who no longer could feed themselves by will power alone. 

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