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  • mike white
    http://www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/archaeology/sites/meso_america/la_venta.html http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/olmecs.htm
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 9, 2008
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      Offering of Sixteen Male Figures, from La Venta Giclee Print
         my question, can we be sure that we havent mixed up cultures?  they call all of these sites, and figures olmec.  yet they appear to be more than one race.  some have dolichocephalic skulls, with coffee bean eyes.  others had round heads, large eyes, flat noses, and large lips.  with mexico we are dealing with a long era of cultured man, and a mixing pot of distinct peoples. 
         however, if we contend they were lemurian, it may offer a wider field.  some of us after studying the people of pacifica, believe the former high culture was of two races, one brown, the other black, with the former dominant.  based on aymara anatomy, there is reason to think that some lemurians had dolichocephalic skulls. 
          lets admit the possibility that if the same people, the relics may come from widely separated time periods.  afterall, much can change between 50,000 bce and 3,000 bce.  the large heads from the marshes near veracruz may be from the earlier time, while la venta may be much more recent.  perhaps these huge heads had spent ages on the seabed, before being uplifted along with the valley of mexico.  the work of niven leads one to think that the uplift had occurred during the time of cultured man. 
         the plates seem more complicated and numerous than we are told.  a mere 12,000 years ago, vast tracts in the americas were uplifted, while others dropped below the sea.  some were dropped, then raised, in a short time.  mexico, our southwest, and the andean altiplano, seem to have suffered the last scenario.  this indecision in nature is most odd, and may have involved a close flyby of a celestial body, like mars.  orbits tend to be circular, so something major has disturbed the orbits of mars and earth, not so long ago. 
         effects must have causes.  by cayce we are told that an atlantean faction had abused high tech weapons, turning the power up too high, circa 10,000 bce, causing their nation to be destroyed and sunk.  it appears to have cracked the earth, or just coincidence that the mid-atlantic ridge lies near that former nation.  the explosion was great enough to cause a shift of the earth's polar axis.  this would have disturbed our planet's electro-magnetic and gravitic fields.  all of the planets of our solar system were disturbed by this.  which may have led to orbit changes.  we are very lucky our world was not destroyed by the acts of man.  if man ever has a nuclear war, it may destroy our world, and our planet could become another asteroid belt. 
    • Phil Whitley
      Just had to share this. I would LOVE to spend a month or two with this guy.
      Message 2 of 10 , Sep 9, 2008
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        Just had to share this. I would LOVE to spend a month or two with this guy.


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