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  • mike white
    just what actual proof is there that dates the time of solomon to 970 bce to 930 bce? as far as i can determine there is none. somebody guessed 1500 bce for
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2008
         just what actual proof is there that dates the time of solomon to 970 bce to 930 bce?  as far as i can determine there is none.  somebody guessed 1500 bce for abraham, then they extrapolated using scripture to arrive at dates for moses, david, and solomon.  thats less than 3000 years ago, one might expect that several relics and ruins from his reign would be found, but little has been uncovered with any certainty. 
         we arrive at a much different chronology when we apply cayce's date of 5500 bce for exodus.  the earlier date fits better with giants still extant in caanan.  it would put the parting of the red sea close to the time when the black sea was formed, both regions being along a common earthquake rift, one portion uplifted while another subsided. 
         the time of solomon may have been circa 3000 bce or earlier.  the odd block hebrew script may date to his era.  modern experts look for what they expect, and would deny validity to a script based upon their preconceived notions. 
         it seems logical that the trading voyages done for solomon happened during a time after the straits of zeus were closed, and the isthmus of suez had uplifted.  so the ships left israel's red sea port headed south on a 3 year voyage.  it would not have taken that long to go to ethiopia and return, so we cannot look for ophir there.   we are told they obtained ivory, so trading was done there or zimbabwe, then the voyage continued.  i believe they reached the amazon, or went up the orinoco, to the rio negro, thru the canal to the amazon, since only the upper amazon was named after solomon.  there they obtained the gold and rare woods.  the voyage must have returned via the straits of gibraltor, since they got silver from tarshish, in southern spain.  this length voyage would take three years. 
         in those days ships were powered by rowers and sail.  it was common to leave weary rowers in remote ports, and take a fresh crew onward.  this would explain the finding of hebrew and phoenician in parts of the new world.  desertions and hurricanes could also spread sailors around the gulf of mexico.  the sites of these riches must have been common gossip among sailors in seaports, but the officers knowing the importance to keep trade secrets may have suppressed it with force, plus average seamen had no knowledge of navigation, so the secret was fairly safe.  so well hidden that it seems to have been forgotten in later centuries.  going by the scripts found in the americas, it seems most contacts from the 'old world' happened before 3000 bce. 
         many alternative historians place ophir at the mouth of the amazon, and quito or kittus ot kittim the source of goods, and those who obtained the wealth.  the ancient port at the mouth is undeniable, based on the ruins and pottery found.  if they used the orinoco, the site of manaus would have been as valuable then as now for trade.  the floods and jungle would have readily removed all traces. 
         we may have to rely on the inscriptions found in ecuador to ever learn the true history of these early times.  modern experts seem to brand all of the finds as fakes with a knee-jerk reaction, no matter how unlikely that may be.  it sure seems like the pharaoh would have marked the bricks used to construct the delta cities built by the captive jews.  im betting it wasnt any ramases, unless they reigned much earlier than thought.  a king as wise as solomon should have left records in stone.  of course they wont find them if they are twenty feet deeper than they expect. 
         well i do what i can, to shake things up, and express my concern over the faulty chronology, in hopes that those responsible will consider that they may be wrong.  i may only have 10 years left in this mortal frame, and i would like to see some corrections made before i go. 
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