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Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Re: geology of vinland

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  • mike white
    very kind of you to say that steve, i try to contribute. its amazing that they fear speaking of the rebound of continents. i would go further and say that
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 30, 2007
         very kind of you to say that steve, i try to contribute.  its amazing that they fear speaking of the rebound of continents.  i would go further and say that plates move up and down vertically to adjust the mass of the earth, even if the retreat of a glacier was not involved.  nothing prevents plates from moving in all dimensions, vertically, laterally, or circular.   its almost a waste of time to read geologists when their conclusions are limited by conformity, and they deny vertical plate movements, and think millions of years were required for major changes.  i read them merely to consider what they saw, and come to my own conclusions. 
         as my studies went on, i became convinced that most of our native tribes originated in south america.  some lingered awhile in central america before coming further north.  i believe that the cherokee, apache, and flathead came from the northern andean region, with connections easily found there. 
      mike white
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      From: hilgren
      Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 12:23 PM
      Subject: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Re: geology of vinland

      hi mike and all,,

      you say:
      """""""""""" "
      >the krs runestone made me think that the land and water was
      > different in that region in 1362 ce.
      >> many dont realize how much america has changed in the past 1000
      > years.
      some of the beaches in the
      > northeast have uplifted 22 feet
      """""""""""" "

      yes mike this is all very true...i believe the americas have changed
      greatly since the glacial age ended about 10,000 years ago. But there
      seams to be a lot of confusion as to what,,, and when all these
      changes occurred...a time line of the these changes and the arrival of
      these ancient explorers and the birth of these many indian nations has
      not yet been attempted.

      the uplifting or rebounding from the weight of the glaciers has been
      found in europe and the redriver valley too,, but the experts don,t
      seam to want to touch this subject either..

      a great deal of the puzzle parts are missing but i have now begun to
      see the picture of the landscape 3 dimensionally and with a bit of
      you personally have added more than you realize too...

      --- In Precolumbian_ Inscriptions@ yahoogroups. com, "mike white"
      <aumsparky@. ..> wrote:
      > im reading schoolcraft' s exploration to the source of the
      mississippi river..... author admits of possible springs feeding
      these northern lakes. he speaks of only 6 miles separates it from
      superior, with sand intervening. ...."""
      ............ ......... ......... .

      mike,,,because of this post and it being about my home state of
      minnesota i picked up on the idea of there being an ancient waterway.

      i then read and learnt,,, that 6 miles you refered to is the savanna
      portage and was considered the worst of all portages. it ties the
      mississippi to the st,louis river and completes the east west waterway
      across minnesota from the redriver to lake superior.. when looking at
      the west end of this ancient waterway i followed the lower branch of
      the leaf river to it source and then noticed that this was the
      continental divide and that two mile south of here the chippewa river
      began and flowed south,,,and past the hill the KENSINGTON RUNESTONE
      was found on. ............ .....BINGO, ,,,,the adventure was about to
      begin....... .......(the lights have come on)

      from that post i then found what i believed to be a portage between
      the leaf river and chippewa river on google earth....this is the tip
      of the ice berg..(and i was still in california)

      if i were to tell you that last summer i did a trip to the midwest and
      found the portage and at one end of the portage there is a medicine
      wheel,,,you may chuckle and a few may even drop off your site(though i
      hope not) and then at the other end of the portage i found two mooring
      stones...(still chuckling?)

      well mike,,, am i on to something... ?,,,i don,t know what a medicine
      wheel is ,,,but i am learning fast...when i stood on the capstone and
      watched the sun rise on june 21st between the two bolders where i had
      predicted it would rise,,,,i knew no one is going to believe this...

      (and a few neighbors may think that i have really took a step too far)

      on the kensington runestone it says,,,"FROM THIS ISLAND"...

      i see that island clearly now....

      this is called the alexandria morraine...
      it is about a hundred miles long and fifty miles wide and was at one
      time the eastern shore of glacial lake agassiz...it is 500 feet above
      the prairie and redriver valley..

      mike says,,,""" when the vikings reached the midwest about 1000 ce, it
      was a
      > desert, with huge rolling sand dunes,"""

      probably not all of it...

      1000 years ago this strip of high ground was like an island...it was
      covered with oaks and maples and is the strip of hard woods that
      separates the prairies of the dakotas from the wetlands and swamps and
      pine forests of the eastern part of the state..here also grows the
      wild grapes that was mentioned in the viking sagas..

      these oak forests take thousands of years to evolve.

      ............ ......... ......... ....

      here on this island there has been a dozen viking age artifacts found,
      and over a hundred mooring stones and a thousand unidentified
      mounds,...here on this island in 1362,,,30 ancient explorers had found
      there way back to VINLAND.

      i hope you too are beginning to see this high ground on the prairie,,,
      as the indians also called it......
      it is like the nose on my face,,,,i have trouble seeing it at times...



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