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  • mobydoc
    http://www.geocities.com/satanicreds/sirius.html Hy Mike ...Laura ...Marie ...this paragraph below ...is from the above URL I quoted Pleiades before and now
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      Hy Mike  ...Laura ...Marie ...this paragraph below ...is from the above URL

        I quoted  Pleiades before and now we have Sirius/Sothis... it's a tale chasing  time of life ...an't it :)

      A very major point to this is that Lin Carter, a great Lovecraftian and The Man at Ballantine Books, knew that Sirius was called Sothis in ancient days. He was also very aware of Churchward's Mu fabrication. Lin Carter is the creator of the Xothic cycle in the Cthulhu Mythos. Xoth and Sothis are binary stars. The mere fact that "fishman lore" got connected to Sirius/Sothis was known to Lin Carter who wrote that Cthulhu came from Xoth. In order to connect "fishmen" (Deep Ones) to Sirius/Sothis (hence the Xothic Cycle), he had to have known about the Sirius story and the Dogon. It is also a fact that many cultures had a fish tradition involving the Oannes and the Egyptians had a Sirius based calendar. That is not in doubt. What Cthulhu Mythos writers can make out of this combination of tid bits is a whole New Story. And that is FUN. Key word.



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