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RE: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] reply to pat - little ice-ages

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  • mobydoc
    Good one Mike :-) One should not be apologetic for telling the truth ...the reason I spoke up on the Rock-solvent was that it appeared to be a
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 16, 2007

                             Good one Mike J

          \           One should not  be  apologetic for telling the truth ...the reason  I spoke up on the

            Rock-solvent was that it appeared to be a proven fact ...which at a closer look... it’s not ;

            It’s like that other  academic myth  of the poison the Amazonians  use ( Curare ) which was

          supposed to be made out of about 27 secret plant saps [ bull shit ] sorry about my Saxon J

         The mixture  comes from the sweat glands of a common Amazonian tree frog ...

        that’s why the birds and tree snakes plus other frog bitters ...leave it alone ...(another snippet) J

         I have tried to get people interested  in a horizontal wind powered generator ...been  told by academics

       that it won’t work ...as it does not fill a preconceived  set of formulas ...think of a anemometer   ...but

       a thousand  times bigger ...the original idea is over  200 years old ...( old snippet  )   Sail-boards

        Over 45or more  years ago I tried to get  ( anyone) interested ...in a crazy idea of putting a sail on a surfboard ...  was told by a retired X royal navy  w/o.... it would not work because it didn’t have a keel [he said]

       everything that sails had to have a keel ...and I believed him ...years of scratching bits and pieces ...

       went up in smoke ...only to see a chap in America built the same thing ...two years after my midsummer


        Won’t another little idea J    a simple (VERICAL) chess board ...(OT) who gives a stuff  L


           regards all    watch out for wobbly bits of ice (they hurt)  J                Pat/Moby




         im no geologist or chemist, but think its possible for a plant to produce a chemical or enzyme that will dissolve the matrix of certain rocks.  the andes are just the place for such a plant to develope.  out of necessity the plants may have to produce such an agent so that their roots might take hold upon a rocky surface.  perhaps the chemical could soften certain stone, but not harm other substances.  nobody reported a harmful effect upon their skin or leather boots.  so finding a container to hold the juice may not be difficult. 


         after reviewing the tv doc on the last little ice-age, i thought to put some thoughts to print.  i think that the scientists have done a good job on this matter, as far as that given on the temp-saline conveyor, and the affect of fresh cold water upon it in northern lattitudes. 

         we also now know the affect of hydrocarbons that cause the greenhouse effect.  it becomes just a matter of putting it all together.  perhaps volcanoes spewed sulphuric gases into the atmosphere in the centuries before 1000 ce, causing the greenhouse effect that melted the glaciers of greenland.  so for a period of a few centuries the northern lattitudes warmed up.  the vikings settled in greenland, and reported the retreat of the glaciers, circa 970 ce.  after a period of warming the amount of fresh cold water dumped into the gulfstream in the north atlantic became sufficient to stall the heat-saline conveyor, circa 1350 ce, triggering the start of the little ice-age.  it apparently took 500 years for the heat conveyor to return to former levels. in fact, it still isn't as warm in the northern lattitudes as it was before 1300 ce, when greenlands glaciers were far reduced from today's levels. 

         this is my take on it, and a possible scenario. 

         the addition of sulphur to the atmosphere is a natural phenomena.  i think we could lessen our dependence upon imported oil, by increasing our use of coal.  the ban on the use of coal benefitted industry the most, where powerhouses and generating stations continued to use coal, but home-owners were forbidden to use it.  we in the southeastern usa are exploited by high electric cost for heating, due to the ban on coal, and the failure to bring in a pipeline of natural gas.  we are surrounded by huge coal deposits, but forced to pay high rates for electric heat.  we have the science to remove the sulphur either from the coal, or at our chimneys, if the govt applied its labs to further research.  the lobbyists of big business are in control.  the tva projects giving cheap electricity to the south was a big lie.  forgive this off-topic aside. 





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