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9958rapid canyon formation - geological events affecting humanity

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  • mike white
    May 1, 2007
         plz know that im not favoring the entire philosophy of the creationists, but some of their research seems valid.  many scientists now think that many canyons were formed more rapidly than formerly thought, by catastrophic flood conditions. 
         ive considered for some time that the grand canyon may not have taken the millions of years stated for its creation, and that the colorado river was not the only factor involved.  its important to know the true causes for such events that could happen again. 
         the americas seem prime to challenge existing theories of gradual uniformity as to geology.  our many canyons, coal seams, and raised plateaus and beaches should be closer examined by the students of geology.  to me they speak loudly of rapid events, many of a catastrophic magnitude.  our lads note disappearing populations, and tthe geological anomalies, and pass over them without properly explaining them with their theories. 
         as stated before, the erosion on the benches that ohio's earthworks were built on are an indication of the great lapse of time, many of them higher than the streams could reach, and were caused by rains. 
         the cutting away of the riverbeds, as seen near marietta [sic], from the ramp of the moundbuilders, shows a vast duration of time having passed since the river was near the ramp, and the ramp was near the surface.  space dirt has raised the banks, while the river has cut its bed.  this should be studied deeper by those who would accept the relatively recent dates assigned to the moundbuilder cultures.  i cannot believe 800 to 1100 ce, and even 1000 bce seems not long enough to have caused the effects that are present.  squier and davis seemed to be of the same opinion. 
         its disappointing that so few members actively participate in our studies and discussions.  only 11 members took a moment to do our polls. 
         i see oz published an article in ancient american mag.  well done rick. 
         our group has not done much to translate inscriptions, but i think we have contributed to a better understanding of the big picture of american prehistory.  no doubt migrations out of the americas, and later into the americas, were initiated by geological events.  the advance and retreat of glaciers and the sea played a major part in the drama.   the sinking of lands, and the uplift of others caused many migrations.