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9817Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] peru by squier

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  • mike white
    Mar 12, 2007
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         huanuco de viejo is full of inca ruins. 
         solitary travellers on the puna are often murdered by their indian hosts. 
         some sink in marshes and perish. 
         experience allows one to shape his course by the flight of birds. 
         tschudi had an attack of soroche while alone with a snow storm upon him, and would have perished had the symptoms not passed quickly.  his mind was dulled getting him lost, regaining the trail from bones of mules seen in the snow, then having an attack of surumpe.  he luckily sheltered in a cave, falling asleep, with dawn he was startled to find he was using a corpse for a pillow.  he tried to flee but found his mule died during the night.  he was saved by two shepherds from the folly of travelling alone. 
         the level highlands are the puna, while the valleys below them are termed sierra.  the nights in summer are colder than in winter. 
          indians prefer blue color.  eggs are used as money.  they love gambling.  when frost takes their crop they eat grass like cattle. 
         when first introduced in europe, potatoes and tea were not  liked. 
         lara be sure to see aguacu falls.  higher than niagara at 269 ft.  might get a good deal on a leather coat.  do you speak portuguese? 
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