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9800Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] peru by squier

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  • mike white
    Mar 8, 2007
         the descent to ayacucho was their most miserable day.  formerly called guamanga. 
         in 1637 near guinoa, 2 leagues from ayacocha, was found an underground palace with statues.  one mounted on horse.  squier never verified this story.  tablet with inscription.  told by senor pinelo.  elevation 14,000-18,000 ft.  im surprisd so high, i had considered a visit there on the ascent to acclimatize.  has a train depot i think.  i wonder if the giant oysters are nearby? 
         journey from cuzco to pisco took 30 days. 
         garcilaso gives 14 inca emperors, while montesinos records 101.  the former an aymara, the latter a quichua.  could well be the quichua had learning and letters before the aymara.  the quichua might consider inca rule a continuation of the kings of quito, where the inca may have began. 
         conclusion chapter ...
         [ it seems certain that sacsahuaman was built as a fortress long ago.  since then the river valleys on either side have widened, making it worthless.  the area within the walls must have been larger, but erosion has reduced it significantly.  during inca times it was indefensible to flanking movements, which proves it was not built by the inca, but thousands of years before, if not tens of thousands. 
         the other major fortresses were ollantaytambo, began in pre-inca time, and protects from the north and east.  that of pisac defends the inca from the east.  other routes of attack were defended from ridge tops in the passes.  one might expect a fortress to defend the empire from the south and southeast, but it was not mentioned. 
         peru should be viewed as several epochs overlaying one another.  their monuments should be viewed separately, as they were in the different eras.  its made difficult by later cultures adopting the ruins of those before, and adding to them. 
         if i can tour peru, i will see the inca ruins, but more interesting to me are the monuments that existed before the inca, the megalithic and cyclopean works.  next in importance are the coastal cultures, and ruins uplifted in the western cordilleras, which show evidence of a major climate change since their occupation. 
         the ica stones are in a class by themselves for the most archaic antiquity.  there may be many other sites in the atacama that extend back to these remote times, that will remove all doubt as to the distant period when thinking man existed on earth.  note that ica stones were found in tombs of the inca.  ] 
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