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9788Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] peru by squier

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  • mike white
    Mar 5, 2007
         squier and tschudi had recourse of sometimes using the chulpas for sleeping quarters. 
         [ i must wonder if the lemurians and the atlanteans shared the dolichocephalic skull shape.  they both were races began in antediluvian times, the former brown, and the latter reported to be red race.  i dont recall that polynesians, melanesians, nor those depicted at angkor wat had the long-headed skull shape, but admit that some olmec figurines show dolichocephalic skull shapes. ] 
         tschudi reported chulpas north in quichua territory at junin, but they also had dolichocephalic skulls, and may have been aymara moved there by the inca. 
         [ there are different degrees of dolichocephalic skulls, the aymara might be mildly elongated, whereas the atlantean possibly severe, like akhenaten. ]   
         [ its possible that inca niches were used to sit mummy ancestors. ] 
         squier found aymara chulpa and wall ruins to be similar to pelasgian ruins of italy. 
         travel was easier in inca times than in the 19th c, for the roads, bridges, and tambos were provided in good repair, with food and fodder.  why they dont mine and use their coal is beyond me, for there was no fuel on the puno but sticks sold for their weight in silver. 
         inca buildings admitted minimum air and light, and one may need to pass thru several rooms to reach outside.  modern puno natives fear night air brings disease. 
         [yahoo is slow still, i sent msgs a week ago that have not posted yet. ]  
         the last viracocha assumed the name, not for skin color, but due to a dream warning from a former viracocha incan ancestor.  the former one arrived by sea.  its odd that the last viracocha designed a temple with columns, unique as it were.  the pitched roof and use of timbers hints at an earlier date than legend allows.   humboldt and prescott were not aware of any windows or gables in inca buildings, since machu picchu had not yet been discovered.  author says viracocha means 'froth of the sea'. 
         he tells tale of a treasure sunk in his majesty frigate hussar at hell's gate. 
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