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9785Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] peru by squier

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  • mike white
    Mar 4, 2007
          strange megalithic construction at chucuito. 
          [ viracocha means white man, and there were more than one who arrived by sea in different times, and apparently rose to ruler status.  its possible that these were europeans, but why they would arrive alone is puzzling.  its also strange that this appelation was used since there is much to suggest that inca royalty were also white.  they seem to have been clever and resourceful, but not divine. ]
         [ the megaliths of acora were more primitive than others in peru.  those at sacsahuaman suggest to me wise giants were the builders.  at a later period smaller megalithic works appear, and these were also well executed, as the size of men reduced.  intelligent giants should be no surprise, they likely having large cranial capacity and long life to accumulate knowledge. ]   
         puno has silver mines nearby. 
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