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  • michael
    Jul 1, 2006
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      hi david, all

      that title sounds familiar, but i cant remember much detail about
      his digs in central america, just tantalizing tidbits. prorok often
      cited the similarity of flints in mexico and the sahara. i will
      check my library for the book, to be sure ive read it.
      david, are you retired yet? you might be a good investigator.
      much work of importance might be found at acambaro, not so far from
      texas. wouldnt it be nice to live there like julsrud, and spend a
      few pesos to assemble a collection. film the entire dig. had
      julsrud our cameras, it would have been hard to deny the relics were
      found in undisturbed strata. roots wrapped around objects found
      under 5 feet of soil, are quite convincing.
      its very disturbing, that there is so much opposition, when relics
      are found that dont fit current theories. some experts will stoop to
      lies and misrepresentations to quash and invalidate anomalous
      objects. russ can testify to this.
      i have difficulty believing the implications one is led to by the
      depictions. they wont go away, so we must get to the bottom of it.
      if fraud was done, it was by the ancients. even then, the mystery
      deepens, why would so many artists be moved to create these objects?
      how could they know the anatomy of dinosaurs so well? what are the
      odds of having so many artistic paleontologists in one small area?
      the species that were unidentified by our scientists, were what they
      might expect from adaptations, but have never found. so the potters
      were genius'. logic leads me to think that they saw what they
      depicted in the flesh, the alternative is more incredible.


      --- In Precolumbian_Inscriptions@yahoogroups.com, "dcampbell75479"
      <fred-dobbs@...> wrote:
      > I have a thread on my website which discusses Bagnold's Circle and
      > other Neolithic stone circles of the Libyan Desert and southern
      > Egyptian Sahara. There are photos there from fjexpeditions which is
      > extremely valuable resource for Saharan rock art, megaliths and
      > historical background on the early Saharan explorations in the 20th
      > century. These stone circles are quite similar to the one at Nabta
      > Playa. The stone circle you have posted is quite dissimilar to the
      > others found in the Libyan Desert and for some reason it strikes me
      > being later than the Neolithic circles and shelters there.
      > http://www.anarchaeology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?
      > As for Byron de Prorok's accounts of Mexico and Central America,
      > are in Dead Men Do Tell Tales and I have a copy. It is one of
      > later works and while quite entertaining as travel/adventure, it is
      > short on crucial details. One of the most interesting anecdotes is
      > Prorok's description of prehistoric fossils and statuary found in a
      > Meso American ruin similar to Copan. These were boxed up and shipped
      > to Harvard never to be heard of again. This book highlights the
      > flaw in Prorok's character which took him from serious exploration
      > and discovery to a more ego satisfying path of sensationalist
      > touring. I see a prefiguring of some of our more flamboyant
      > alternative authors today and Prorok's career is, for me
      personally, a
      > very sobering cautionary tale.
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