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8536Re: [Precolumbian_Inscriptions] Re: FRANK JOSEPH AND RUSS BURROWS

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  • Phil Whitley
    Apr 1, 2006
      Mike said, "I  suppose we may need to research this mysterious yuche tribe."

      Mike, you may have missed my post where I mentioned tghe "Bat Creek Stone" and its possible connection with the mysterious Yuchi. tribe. One of the better links I have in my favorites is here... http://www.yuchi.org/ where the following statement is found

      A similarity between religious practices has led a few to theorize a Hebrew connection. Proof that at least a small connection exists resides in the Bat Creek Stone (Smithsonian Collection) which was removed from an East Tennessee mound, and contains a Hebrew inscription. However, despite much wishful investigation, this is not a lost tribe of Israel. The Yuchi are a mysterious indigenous people with a separate and distinct heritage form the other indigenous people of the United States. <end quote>

      I have found that the Yuchi were sun worshippers, and were most likely related to the Moundbuilders. Even more likely, they were related to the Maya or other Old World peoples. That "different language" is a major clue that I can't get a handle on. There are photos available of the Bat Creek Stone and its possible Hebrew inscriptions. I would love toi see a comparison with some of the Burrows Cave artifacts and other similar script.

      When the story first broke about the "Hebrew" writing, the Mormon church thought they had found the proof they needed to validate the Book of Mormon, and it was that type of claim that killed the story for serious researchers. We have all seen this happen before!


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