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  • michael
    Apr 1, 2006
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      enough said, we dont want to begin a discussion of frank joseph,
      or get into personalities. after flavin devoted so much time to
      other people, instead of artifacts, and the actual facts of the
      case, i suppose a disclaimer was needed. lets focus back to our
      so russ, the actual number of artifacts may be over 6,000. is it
      true that most are inscribed black stones? what are the number of
      various classes of objects? pottery shards, stones, metal objects,
      etc. of these, how many objects were removed from the site? now in
      your possession? sold or given away? i know since illinois enacted
      the law in 1990 that you have not entered the cave system. unlike
      most, you left the bulk of gold where you found it. it was wise of
      you to make arrangements, so that the location will outlive you, and
      not be lost.
      you may upload images to group photos, or send them to me, and i
      will. we seem to have ample room.
      we would like to hear the results of any tests that have been
      made on the objects.
      how many copies and replicas of items were made, and by whom?
      i suppose we may need to research this mysterious yuche tribe.
      when foreigners landed and remained in america, it was necessary
      that they soon develope a sustainable lifestyle. this is perhaps
      why the welsh of 1162, possibly adopted the bison culture and may
      have became the mandan, losing much of their identity over time. if
      lost tribes arrived, they would have adapted or perished. i saw
      indications of their presence among the hopi culture, and the yuche
      may also have began as hebrew exiles. cyclone covey has researched
      many such connections.

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